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Steve Gibson 's profile

Steve Gibson
Comps Started: 1
Logos Purchased: 0
Total Spend: $750

Member: #22284
Nickname: Steve Gibson
Location: Irvine, California , United States
Member Since: 27 May 2015
Job Title: President / CEO
Company: Gibson Research Corporation
Website: https://www.grc.com
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I’ve been programming computers since the tender age of 14. Since that was 46 years ago, I’ve pretty much got the hang of it. My little company produces the leading hard disk maintenance and data recovery utility in the computer industry (for the past 30 years). But my more recent focus has been in the field of Internet Security. I’ve been producing a weekly podcast on the topic of security, called “Security Now!” for the past 10 years. I’m HERE (at Logosauce) because I need a top-notch logo for a FREE system I am finishing which can (and likely will) actually replace username and passwords for logging onto websites. It’s call “SQRL” (pronounced “squirrel”). I hope you’ll be interested in applying your talents to help in this effort! Thanks!! :)