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Sono Ike's profile

Sono Ike
Logos Purchased: 0

Member: #1484
Nickname: Sono Ike
Location: TorreĆ³n, Mexico
Member Since: 20 August 2007
Job Title:
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S O N O . I K E . P R O F I L E

Basic: Mexican, otaku, yaoi lover.
Luvv es: Programation, design, animanga, bishies, art, friendship.

Favourite artist: Masami Kurumada ~ Maki Murakami ~ Megumu Okada ~ Mana ~ Nobuhiro Watsuki ~ Kazuki Takahashi ~ Mikutashi
Favourite series: Death Note ~ Naruto ~ Petshop of Horrors ~ Gravitation ~ Loveless ~ Saint Seiya