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Logosauce was first conceived and designed in 2006. Many of the original ideas, designs and content were created at that time.

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Logo designs uploaded and displayed on this site are the copyright of their respective designers (or the designers client*) and or the designers client. Logosauce makes no claim of any intellectual property in these designs, images or files.

In the case of Portfolio logos, many of the designs by a designer have been created for a paying client. In this instance it's is likely that the copyright/ip has been transferred to that client.

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In certain circumstances copyright/intellectual property transfers automatically from the designer who created and uploaded a design, to the client when purchasing the logo or selecting the design a winner in a design contest.

© Copyright in Competition Entries

The copyright in the designs uploaded and entered into design competitions remains the property of the designer (entrant) at all times unless that design is selected as the winner of the competition it was entered into. Upon selection as the Winner, Copyright and IP in the design automatically transfers to the Client (competition owner) as per the competition rules and Logosauce Terms of Use. All other entries remain the intellectual property of the respective designers (entrants) and may not be used by the client in any way.