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Want a new logo? It's easy and fun to run a design contest or competition. Guaranteed results.

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You can easily get a custom designed logo designed to meet your brief by running a design contest or competition.

Logo competitions run for a set time and for a fixed reward. You set the time frame and budget for your design. During the competition, monitor progress and give feedback to designers via comments and favourites. Then at the end of the competition select the winning design.


What does it cost?

Prize money $ + 20%.

The budget is up to you, however there is a minimum budget (or prize value) of US$220. On top of that there is a 20% competition administration fee.

So The minimum cost to run a competition is US$220 plus 20% = US$264.

How many entries will I get?

Typically you'll get more than enough.

However we also GUARANTEE a minimum number of entries depending on the amount you're willing to offer designers. Obviously the larger the budget, the more attractive your design competition is to designers and the more entries you will receive.

We'll make some suggestions when you create your competition, but don't worry we'll declare all costs up front before we charge you a cent.

What if I get nothing I like?

At the end of the competition if you don't get an entry you'd like to use, you still get plenty of value.

Knowing what you don't like can be as valuable as knowing what you do like. Particularly when briefing a graphic designer. You can take a print out of all the entries to a local designer. This print out would be an invaluable resource to the designer when your briefing him/her, just so long as he's not copying a design.

Alternatively you may have found the designer you want to work with, even if their designs entered are exactly what you want.

How to start and run a design competition

It's easy - let's get started:

  1. Click the Start a Design Competition button.
  2. Sign-up and Sign-in if you haven't already.
  3. Complete your design brief, set your prize value, save and pay.*
  4. Logosauce admins will review and approve your competition brief before it goes live.

* We charge a 20% admin fee on all competitions (plus any optional extras you pick). Prize-money and fees are paid in advance so we can guarantee payment to the winning designer.

Once your competition is live and you'll start to see entries pour in. You can (and should) then comment on entries, pick your favourites and monitor progress. Once your competition is closed - pick your winner. We'll then arrange artwork delivery and pay the designer.

Crowd sourcing

Logosauce logo design competitions are a great example of crowd sourcing. A phenomenon enabled by the internet and social networking where a large number of people can work on a task or offer a better solution at a lower cost.

So, when it comes to your logo, you'll have hundreds of logo designers and a strong community of designers and design fans working on your logo.

Save money

Compared to the traditional process you can save a significant amount of money and disappointment. You get a custom designed logo from as little as $264. Or you can find a great logo designer from anywhere on the globe to commission in the traditional way.

Get a better logo

The brilliance of Logosauce is the amazing creative input and variety you get when you mix hundreds of designers from all over the world with your design brief. Designers with a multitude of different experiences, cultures, environments and influences creating surprising designs, that often just feel right. It feels like they can read your mind. It's magical.

See your design unfold

When you run a design competition, you get to see your design unfold. Entries will come in over the competition period and you'll see how ideas are developed and refined by many designers. You can comment and give direction to entrants too, especially if you see designer heading off in the wrong direction.

Connect & Share

Logosauce is a good web citizen. We're built with open source Ruby on Rails, We have a semantic natural URL structure, provide RSS feeds and make it easy to share via Twitter and Facebook.

Get found - Search engine friendly

Anyone can search and find your logo. We work great with search engines (such as Google) too. Your logo and brand will be famous before you know it!

DON'T Get found - "Bad search engine"

If you prefer, for an additional fee, you can make your design competition PRIVATE if you don't want to be found.

Feel safe

Logosauce is operated by e-see®, a professional brand management company entrusted with managing big corporate, government and SME brands.

For designers we GUARANTEE PAYMENT of prize money and for clients we GUARANTEE THE NUMBER OF ENTRIES you will receive in competitions. We moderate the community and keep the peace.

Enjoy the process

Getting a new logo has never been so much fun. It's easy to get started. You can transparently see progress and get involved. In fact the more active you are the better the result.

"A great experience and we got a logo far better than we initially expected for a great price to. Thanks Logosauce."

David Saldaner (Client)
Netixchange, Scituate, USA
Competition #855

"Thank you once again for the great service, a wonderful experience and the opportunity to have access to such a broad base of very talented people."

Greg McCrae (Client)
Coachvista Inc., Ottawa, Canada
Competition #587


"I must state, that with all of the logo design companies I've used in the past, your service has been, by far, the best decision I made with my most recent logo. It was overwhelming (in a good way) trying to decide which direction to go with so many designs, but it really was a phenomenal experience, and I look forward to using the service again in the coming weeks. All the best."

Marshall (Client)
(Private Competition)
Competition #616