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Buy a stock logo

Royalty-free stock logos. Simple pricing. Download immediatley or have the artwork customised.

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Find a designer

Need a logo designer? We have thousands from all around the globe to choose from.

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Run a design contest

Want a new logo? It's easy and fun to run a design contest or competition. Guaranteed results.

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Find design clients

Are you a designer? Love logos? Want more design work?

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Best of all it's free to join. Enjoy.

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If you're a designer looking for fame or more work? - You can create a free design portfolio, compete in design competitions, bid for freelance project work and advertise your capabilities free of charge. Sign-up here to get started.

1. Create a design portfolio (Free)

  1. Sign-up.
  2. Create a free Portfolio by uploading your best logo designs.
  3. Get active by favouriting, commenting and voting on designs.

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2. Advertise a Stock Logo

If you have a logo you haven't sold to anyone yet, you can Sell it easily on Logosauce.

  1. Upload a logo you want to sell to your Portfolio
  2. Click the Sell link under your logo
  3. Upload your final artwork and set your Price.
  4. We'll markup your price by 50% and advertise it for sale.

When a buyer purchases your logo, they'll immediately be able to download the artwork and we'll pay you your Price after a 7 day stand down period. You may have to make minor customisations such as colors and brandname for the client once, they have purchased, for no additional fee.

After that, we hope you continue to work with the client directly.

3. Participate in design competitions (Free)

Compete in a Design Competition. There's always several to choose from.

Not sure, check out previous competitions, and don't forget to checkout some of the fellow designers who have won.

4. Get a PRO account (NEW)

You can now get a Pro account if you qualify. Pro accounts have added benefits:

  • Preferential offers.
  • Triple karma ratings - mean your votes count for more points.
  • Elevated results in search.
  • Clients prefer Pro designers.

You can qualify for a Pro account in one of two ways.

  • Win 2 or more design competitions - you will be upgraded to Pro automatically and free of charge - subject to Logosauce admin approval.
  • Pay a Pro Designer application fee of $50, upload at least 10 logos and complete your profile bio. Logosauce admins will then review and approve suitable candidates.

You need to demonstrate good quality work and have suitable qualifications or work experience. A paid Pro account is ideal for a design firm or agency.

Free Portfolio

Create a portfolio of your logo designs completely free of charge.

Make more money

You can make money by winning competitions, selling your existing designs or being commissioned by more clients.

Get discovered

Be an active user and clients will find you! They can view your logo designs, search for tags, click on links, even your comments can direct clients back to your portfolio.

Become a better designer

Peer review and recognition helps you become a better designer when you participate. Share ideas, discuss, comment, vote, get feedback on your work and more. Learn or teach - it's up to you.

Feel safe

We're a community of professional and amateur designers, clients and fans. For designers we guarantee payment of prize money and for clients we guarantee number of entries in competitions. We moderate transactions and keep the peace.

Have fun

Logosauce is a great place to practice design or just enjoy all the amazing design going on from all corners of the globe. We're an open honest bunch of folks all dedicated to celebrating logo design. If logos rock your boat - climb aboard.

"Logosauce has given me the perfect platform to express my creativity with none of the usual boundaries. It's a great community which includes some very talented creatives from all over the globe.

It has certainly helped me to brush up my identity skills and I have met some great people along the way. I would recommend Logosauce to all designers at all levels, and of course, small businesses looking for a new identity!"

RYU (Ryan Simpson)
Reading, Great Britain
Member since 2 May 2008

"It's a pleasure to be part of this great community, having excellent designers worldwide sharing their opinions and thoughts on what you showcase pushes you to the next level. Logosauce has given me the opportunity to create a fluent relationship with potential clients.

In my personal experience I have worked with at least a dozen design competiton clients on several projects once the competition was over, and still have an ongoing relationship with several of them, which is priceless. ."

Santessa2 (Santiago Sadous)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Member since 19 May 2007.

"I have been submitting designs for the past 2 years to logosauce whenever i have a bit of spare time and it is fantastic. It keeps you motivated and creating and it is a really nice experience when your design is liked by other Logosaucers and clients from all over the world.

Plus it is great to be in touch with the experience of design from other countries and their perspectives on each project. Up to now i have won 4 contests and am working with one of the clients on a few items, which is great, since we truly enjoy working with clients from overseas, since it is always an enriching experience! It is gratifying and I truly recommend this site. Regards, Flor76"

Flor76 (Florencia Sadous)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Member since 4th September 2007


"Mate, you can’t get better than waking up on a weekend 550 bucks richer. To win in a competition filled with so much talent from other designers is an honor. Cheers."

Chanpion (Norman Chan)
Gold Coast, Australia
Member since 7th March 2007

"My experience in Logosauce has been extraordinary in many ways, the platform is unique. Logosauce has helped me in a great way here I design with only the best designers. I have learned to redirect my talent in a good way, to have also a better instinct to what I love to design.

What I like the most in here is the friendly, occupational and vocational platform which encourages me to be more creative and have good professional friends between us the designers and the customers that are looking for a good design job."

Estween (Esteban Batista)
Panama, Panama
Member since 10th January 2009

"Logosauce is a great place to grow as a logo designer. The competitions on the site are an excellent way to introduce your work to companies around the world and as an added bonus you receive relevant feedback from your peers.

Logosauce can also function as an online portfolio for your work. I have been contacted several times by companies because they saw my logos on Logosauce. Personally, Logosauce has helped me expand and refine my identity design skills and has contributed to building my confidence in my work.

You get inspired and get to inspire others to do their best - after all there is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. Try it out!"

Shorty (Bobby Anwar)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Member since 26th November 2007