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Center for Sport Injuries

Competition: #997
Client: mphed
Open: 12 June 2010
Close: 23 June 2010


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... akinom


The Brief

We need a logo and print profile for our company Kulan Idrottsskadecentrum (Swedish). I’ll explain the words. Kulan is, in this regard, slang for a ball, football or soccer ball. Idrottsskadecentrum is Center for Sport Injuries. Focus will be on soccer or football injuries so we would like to have a soccer player and a soccer ball in action in the logo. It could be a player shooting the ball in some direction. It would be great if a soccerplayer in a shootingposition (with one arm up in the air and the kontralateral leg extended by the hip) could form the K in “Kulan”. The whole logo should be expressing movement and action. The name, Kulan Idrottsskadecentrum, should be included in the logo as well. It would be nice if the logo also could work without the name.

Preference regarding colour is a lime or olive tone as a base color. We are using the NCS color S0560 G60Y in our interior design and please advice how that converts to digital and print equivalents. Future website will be light using white or very light grey as background with grey- and lime-coloured details. For other complimentary colors we leave that up to you to give us examples.

We’ll be using the logo on the website as well as in print (advertising, business cards, stationary, etc). We need a color version as well as a black and white version. The version to be used on the website (or any other digital media) could be more stylized and perhaps use more colors and/or gradients compared to the print version.

For the winner, please provide vectors, color, b&w, jpeg versions and fonts.

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Martin, hello any feedback so we can see what you are looking for or the style?

2010-06-17 17:06:15 UTC


Everyone, I’m so sorry for not having provided any sort of feedback. I’m waiting for input from a colleague and I hope to be able to give feedback later today…

2010-06-18 05:44:13 UTC


OK finally I have some feedback for you all. Maybe not the best, but still something. Here we go… There is no need to include a soccer player since this could narrow the scope too much. So get rid of the soccer player. What’s important still is the feeling of movement in the logo. Further on you should also emphasize the word “KULAN” (as most you already have).
Entry 79561 has some really nice parts with the illustration of a K, a person and a ball/circle. Justify Kulan and idrottsskadecentrum and we think this is better. I’m not really if the typeface for Kulan (feels science fiction) works well with the rather “sweet” illustration.
In general a bit more “edgy” illustration would be nice. I really like the feeling of the illustration in entry 79257.
Also the dispostion of the logo should probably be with an illustration to the left and then the words to the right (above and below justified). Experimenting with typefaces is good, however I understand that it’s important to use a typeface working over a long period of time. You be the judge…
I’ll see if I can get more feedback to you but thhis is something to start with.

2010-06-19 09:30:40 UTC


We like the tattoo-style illustration used in entries 79613 and 79636. Also very nice to see the logo used on business cards and in different color styles; white on black, black on white, color etc. That presents the logo in a wider perspective which is good for the eye. For further entries you don’t have to use a football/soccer ball. An illustrated ball (of some kind is ok, but not more than that). We also like entry 79607 but the illustration could be more provocative. The typefaces are great and love the color. Maybe the sub-typeface used for “Idrottsskadecentrum” could be a bit lighter.

2010-06-21 13:43:04 UTC


Please see some personal comments on some of the designs; 79656, 79679 and 79686. Thank you all for great work and tons of inspiration.

2010-06-22 19:53:43 UTC


Paid (#2…….F4420601) JV

2010-06-27 23:45:33 UTC