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Symbols for CouchTycoon.net gameboard

Competition: #99
Client: Mr. Idle
Open: 03 August 2007
Close: 17 August 2007


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... onesummer


The Brief

Couchtycoon is a Friends n Family Ventures Network for trading, starting up and managing ventures. Doing real business as easy as playing Monopoly. The “friends and family” put ideas into action.

Please find details about CouchTycoon bellow or take a look @ Blog.CouchTycoon.net


The website follows the concept of a monopoly board. While doing business @ CouchTycoon users move on the virtual gameboard.

Please design action-field-symbols for the CouchTycoon gamboard.

The four action symbols:

  • Bank (user accesses his CouchAccount with functionality like money exchange)
  • Jail (if a user goes to Jail he is excluded from trading for a couple of days)
  • Start (the game token representing the user is placed on the start field when the user is entereing the homepage)
  • Exchange (shares are traded here)


  • Help (by clicking the help field the user accesses the help features)

Please check blog.CouchTycoon.net for a scribble of the gameboard.

Basic data:

The competition is open from 3rd of August until the 17th of August.

The winner takes USD 200.- in Couchchips (find details stated below in item 5)

Please ask any kind of question via mail (mr.idle@couchtycoon.net)

Please include the other CouchTycoon competitions in your design: http://www.logosauce.com/competitions/8

Thank You!

Additional information:

The idea of CouchTycoon:
CouchTycoon is a pioneering internet project. Couchtycoon is Friends n Family Venture Network.

It enables entrepreneurs to raise money for innovative projects on the one hand and enables Investors to participate in the success and growth of promising on- and offline-projects from zero hour on. As a result all the participating web people represent a “Friends n Family Network”
Please Check blog.CouchTycoon.net for information about the project.

Website keywords:
community enabled, community managed, friends n family, venture network, playful, real game, investment, couch, profit, pocket money investment, tycoon, rags-to-riches, startup

Prize money in CouchChips:

The prize money is payed in CouchChips which is the Currency of CouchTycoon it is investable in every traded project at CouchTycoon. Of course the bought shares can be sold without a holding period and changed in USD again.

The CouchChips are transferred to your CouchAccount immediately after the launch of CouchTycoon in September. Of course we hope that you stay seeded @ the couch!

The competition winner will aswell be featured @ CouchTycoon.

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I can vouch for these guys. We’re working on another project with them. Couch Tycoon looks like a really exciting concept!
This is a bit unusual because it’s not really a logo (the cool Couch Tycoon logo was already created in another LS competition) – but CT asked us if they could run this and a few other comps. We agreed because they are all related and this is about building a whole new concept with several separately designed pieces. Have fun and good luck.

2007-08-03 01:05:48 UTC


Mr. Idle just called me from his residence on Beef Island and asked me as one of his executing team members to post this comment in his name.
Since he was born here on logosauce he tracked the development of his place of birth. He´s still fascinated of it´s stable growth, it´s absolute high quality level of participating designers and the results they create.

There is also one short comment in my own name: thanks for the black site again ;)
Mr. Idle also asked me to thank Digger for his great support!

2007-08-03 21:02:31 UTC
Mr. Idle

Mr. Idle:

BlueHorseShoe loves LogoSauce, so do I. thank you for your great designs!

the monopoly action symbols could be a good source of inspiration: http://www.themonopolystore.com/collmore.htm
please consider that the action symbols are placed on fields of the CouchTycoon gamebord (scribble @ blog.couchtycoon.net)

2007-08-05 22:58:00 UTC


It is, as it is during every competition on LogoSauce. I could choose almost every entry!

2007-08-07 14:31:34 UTC
Mr. Idle

Mr. Idle:

Congrats “onesummer” for your winning entry!
Mr. Idle thanks all “competitors” for participating in this competition!

2007-08-24 11:40:31 UTC


Congrats one summer! Great choices Mr. Idle.

2007-08-28 04:43:42 UTC


Congrats mate!

2007-08-30 09:04:25 UTC