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weclimb.de - Rock Climbing Community

Competition: #93
Client: Frogstar
Open: 02 August 2007
Close: 01 September 2007


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... andrendhi


The Brief

Upcoming RockClimbing Community Website in need of a fresh innovative logo!

Besides the US$100 via paypal, the winner will be granted honors with name and link to his/her homepage on our website, and get’s the first t-shirt (free shipping, free choice of size) including the logo which leaves the factory (not until november 2007).

Interested? GREAT :) —> Check out http://www.weclimb.de/logo_contest/ for further details!

We can’t wait to see your ideas ;)

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Great brief. contains great information on the client with a link to competitor logos as well, nicely done. All briefs should contain this information and more.

2007-08-09 18:22:28 UTC


Thank you :-)

Huynh: I like your entries to other contest. Won´t you try your skills ar ours ?

By the way…. Is there a competition for best brief ? Have we won ? How much is the prize ? Wait, I´ll search for my bank account data. We are rich !! jumparoundincircles

2007-08-09 18:25:29 UTC


Thank you for your concepts so far, I really appreciate them. I’ve seen that many of you think of a slogan. This is good, because we gonna have one for sure, and we have to consider this somehow, but don’t waste your time with thinking about words and stuff. Just take a spaceholder like “climbing community” or “slogan goes here”. Nobody will judge you on this.

2007-08-09 18:26:13 UTC


Hey Frogstar – great brief – but you could have put all this on the competition page if you wanted. You can use Textile markup to style the page, add links etc. Anyway – well done on the brief.

2007-08-09 22:17:26 UTC


Hi Digger, you’re totally right about textile, but I had the the page done before I’ve discovered the textile feature…

2007-08-09 23:24:28 UTC


Congrats Andre

2007-09-03 16:21:56 UTC


Congrats on the win! Too bad I never heard back from the ch…..He wanted me to revise, but…………

2007-09-29 00:24:30 UTC