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Logo for web 2.0 shopping cart widget Flogg.it

Competition: #92
Client: tamedo
Open: 02 August 2007
Close: 10 August 2007


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... xpressions


The Brief


About Flogg.it

Hi im looking for a logo for my new website www.flogg.it (Not yet launched)

The website allows users to create an online shopping cart which they can sell both pysical goods and download goods. The shopping cart widget is flash based so users can embed the cart into any website or profile they wish.

The service is basicly the same as shopify.com but with a flash widget cart like snocap.com

The Design

I would like the logo to be in a web 2.0 style, it must have the text Flogg.it and some sort of icon or design that showcases the service.

Designs i like are








The logo should give the message of “Selling Online, E-Commerce, Widgets, Social Shopping”

Im open to any ideas, but please no “Auction Hammer” images.

I would love to see your creativity on this one as I personally couldnt come up with any ideas or concepts for this project.

If anyone has any questions please let me know, i will be paying via Paypal.

I look forward to your entries!



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Congrats xpressions!

2007-08-10 22:11:23 UTC


good job! definitely the best one

2007-08-10 23:03:19 UTC


Excellent choice Tony and well done again Steven. You’re making habit of winning these things.

2007-08-11 03:28:07 UTC


Id like to thank everyone for their entries, i look forward to my next competition which will be coming very soon. Keep up the good work everyone! Many regards


2007-08-11 15:00:40 UTC


Thank you all for the congrats, and thank you Tamedo for selecting my entry. I have emailed you, but, not sure if you have received it (check your bulk/junk bin).

2007-08-13 15:23:06 UTC