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Competition: #90
Client: ctrller
Open: 27 July 2007
Close: 27 August 2007


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... substanz


The Brief

I am looking for a logo for air traffic control in Toronto…cyyz stands for toronto international airport.

The logo needs to have the words CYYZ ATC in the design or CYYZ AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL. I would like to see variations outside of using a control tower in the logo.

A little about us…

We work in a dark room with no windows, in front of radar scopes yelling at each other when the crap hits that fan and like a fat kid on a smartie, we are all over any sign of weakness and jump at the opportunity to rile each other in good humour…we are a sick sick bunch of people with at times, a dark sense of humour so if that can somehow be incorporated into the logo, that would be great…any humour in the logo is welcome. we are also a tight knit group that works our butt off when we need to, love our jobs and love the rush of moving traffic.

We try to maintain some level of professionalism but we really are a bunch of goofy people so on the same token, a logo that would make us look professional would also be great.

The logo is to be used on various items primarily for raising funds for charity in our community but not exclusively for that purpose.

I would like something that can be easily done on a mug as well as a shirt…something that is not too complicated so that it is lost when transferred onto a smaller object.

Get your creative juices pumping…I look forward to seeing your entries.

p.s We’ll require both vector files and JPG’s from the winning entry.

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can anyone do one with a holding stack? a side view of multiple aircraft in a holding pattern with maybe 2 aircraft at the same altitude?

also, payment to the winner will be via paypal so please advise me if you are unable to accept paypal.
thanks and you guys have been great!

2007-08-03 03:02:11 UTC


Why a stack? Doesn’t seem dynamic to me – but hey I guess we’ll see what turns up.

2007-08-03 08:24:24 UTC


:| still no news?.. I’m very curious about this one :D

2007-09-11 08:42:22 UTC