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Personal History Center

Competition: #87
Client: 10squared
Open: 26 July 2007
Close: 08 August 2007


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... BigaPan


The Brief

The Personal History Center needs a new logo to be used on its website and stationery. The Personal History Center assists clients with the production of personal, family, and corporate histories in video, multimedia, and written formats.

There were two original concepts for the logo.

The first was a charicature derived from the Anasazi petroglyphs of the Southwest. The charicature would represent a patriarch or matriarch figure and might represent a historical figure performing a memorable feat.

The second idea was a tree conveying the idea of a large family tree with strong roots.

Logo submissions may utilize these ideas or introduce other innovative designs that convey family and tradition. Designs should include the company name.

Prize offered is $125 USD, paid via PayPal for full exclusive worldwide rights to the winning logo and source files.

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Note: The name of the business is “The Personal History Center”. All words in the name have equal weight. The phrase “personal history” refers to a persons life story if that’s any help. Lots of interesting ideas so far. Thanks.

2007-07-30 10:49:04 UTC
Alex Cowley

Alex Cowley:

I take it that the word ‘The’ isn’t needed? because no-one has actually used it yet lol ;-)

2007-07-31 10:58:11 UTC


Yes, it’s part of the name. Not sure how the italics got added :-)

2007-07-31 15:01:31 UTC


The details field uses textile as do the comments! Have a look here: http://hobix.com/textile/ at how to use it.

2007-08-01 04:54:27 UTC


I would like to thank all of the designers who entered this competition. The quality of entries was very high and it was difficult choosing a winner. However, BigaPan did the research necessary to design an excellent graphic incorporating elements from Anasazi petroglyphs and put them together to capture the spirit of The Personal History Center. Great job!

2007-08-08 01:18:23 UTC


Congrats bigapan.:)

2007-08-08 06:02:14 UTC


Congrats on the win!

2007-08-08 14:46:06 UTC