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Presentwise Website Logo - Extended

Competition: #83
Client: Joe 90
Open: 23 July 2007
Close: 20 August 2007


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... SarahTH


The Brief

Presentwise Ltd is looking for a logo to be used as the banner on a soon to be developed web site, and adapted for all printed stationery including letter heads, business cards, etc.

Presentwise.co.uk is a new website which aims to make it easier for people to get themselves, and their friends/family, the presents they actually want. The emphasis of the site is not only to make sure that you receive gifts you like, but to take the stress away from people worrying that they have got you the right present.

The logo needs to incorporate the name: “presentwise” and the tag line “perfect presents, every time”

Although the company name, “Presentwise” has a capital P, the logo doesn’t need to.

What the logo should be:

  • The logo should be appealing to both young and old, male and female, alike.
  • We need a logo which appears professional, so as to inspire trust in the service, yet also look friendly and welcoming.
  • Modern and contemporary. This is a new service and we want something that looks fresh and up to the minute.

What the logo shouldn’t be:

  • Nothing too techy or corporate.
  • We don’t want any photographic elements in the logo, just clean graphics. (This is mainly because one of my main competitors logos includes a photo of a wrapped present..!)
  • Nothing too hard or chiselled.
  • Shouldn’t be difficult to read or too abstract, we want it to be easily recognisable.

We would expect full exclusive ownership rights to the winning logo and accompanying source files, preferably in vector format.
The Prize offered is $160, paid via PayPal. We look forward to seeing your ideas.

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This competition has been extended until the 20th of August and the request of the Competition Founder.

2007-08-07 01:25:28 UTC


Maybe the competition owner not yet find the logo that he want. But he should tell competitor/designer what exactly he want, or maybe he can give some update comments here.:)

2007-08-08 05:58:57 UTC
Joe 90

Joe 90:

Hi, I’m sorry for the slow update since I extended the competition, I’ve been having some technical problems at my end but back online now..! Firstly, let me thank everyone who has already entered a design for their hard work, its much appreciated. I have extended the competition for two reasons. Firstly, a number of people contacted me to say that they wanted to submit revisions but would not be able to do so before the original deadline and I really wanted to allow these people to do so. Secondly, after looking through the remarkable array of styles I wanted to give some general, and slightly more specific feedback to allow people to make the most of the remaining time. I hope this will be taken as constructive criticism as I don’t want to cause nay offence but just save people barking up the wrong tree.

I don’t think any of the designs with faces are working, they either look too cartoony and jokey for the professional tone I want to give for the website, or are too gender specific and the site is for both sexes. I like the single and dual colour fonts used for ‘Presentwise’ but I think any more colours than this looks too garish. I do agree that the ‘present’ and ‘wise’ parts need breaking up somehow to make them easier to read with either different fonts, tones or separating the words, just not lots of colours. I’m not sure any of the fonts which are very loopy or calligraphy based are quite right either, they look a little spidery and hint somehow at stationery or greetings cards for some reason. (That might just be me though..?)

Okay, here are some words that describe what the winning design will need to be, so if you can look at your design and say that it encompasses all of them, you are probably going to win;

professional, elegant, sleek, clear, trust-worthy, contemporary.

If I have to choose from the entries so far those which I think are nearest, in no particular order, it would be these;
http://www.logosauce.com/logos/4644 (although the font needs some work to split the word up as described above),
http://www.logosauce.com/logos/4860 (nice and clean)

From other Logosauce competitions, I really like the winners of these;


I hope this wasn’t too long winded and has helped to get over what I am looking for. I look forward to seeing your designs, best of luck, David Harper.

2007-08-09 00:21:54 UTC
Joe 90

Joe 90:

Thank you everyone for your entries, they were all well received and much appreciated. We have chosen the entry by SarahTH because we feel it has a nice clean look to it and is a simple, stylish icon. We may get her to modify the colours slightly, but the overall design is spot on. Thank you all again. David Harper, Presentwise Ltd.

2007-08-21 12:13:54 UTC