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Competition: #8
Client: Mr. Idle
Open: 03 April 2007
Close: 15 May 2007


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Unknown


The Brief

The Company:
CouchTycoon.com – Community Managed Ventures –, going online in June, is an internet community targeted on being the strongest investment consortium trough the power of united internet users all over the globe.

The Need:
CouchTycoon.com needs in the first step a logo, later on a basic website design is needed. The logo is mainly used on the internet.

CouchTycoon description:
CouchTycoon.com enables you, in a playful way, to take a stake in objects, projects or companies you could not afford on your own. in a range from startups to a nyc skyscraper. So you can build up your personal holding-empire while sitting on your couch and watching TV.

Next to passive participation as trading the projects shares CouchTycoon.com gives You two major, unique opportunities:
1: the Chance to make your own ideas fly with other peoples money, abilities or knowledge by using the wisdom of the crowd. CT is the perfect place to startup your own project or profit from your perfect idea.
2: the Chance to start a career as self-employed without having the idea or the money; by working as member of executive board for any project.

CouchTycoon is a place where ambitious ideas meet needed knowledge, where dedicated entrepreneurs meet money, where risktaking investors with small pockets meet committed entrepreneurs. All businesses started up on CouchTycoon are managed by the shareholders and the executive board which is recruited within the community.

Some basic key words:
community managed, playful, real game, couch, profit, pocket money investment, tycoon, rags-to-riches

The Contest:
Is open from 4th of April until the 15th of April.

The winner takes USD 100.- in Cash and an other USD 100.- in Couchchips (which is the Currency of CouchTycoon)

please ask any kind of question via mail (mp@couchtycoon.com)

Thank You!

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