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Dap Did It Records

Competition: #685
Client: sparked
Open: 17 July 2009
Close: 03 August 2009


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... idegraaf


The Brief

Dap Did It Records, is a music publishing company that publishes music for films and individual artists. There is not a web presence currently, but there will be in the future with the logo being prominently featured on the website as well as other representing items.

LOGO STYLE: Dap Did It Records is looking for a logo that works well for branding. The logo should be able to be featured with the companies name as well as by itself.

The logo should not have a record in it. We are looking for a professional logo that will be taken seriously with both mainstream and underground music.

COLORS: There are currently no color preferences but if we begin to see colors we prefer or that stand out we will communicate it in the competition area. Please design the logo to look good in color and black and white.

USE: The logo will be featured on t-shirts, websites, company correspondences, as well as large banners and therefore needs to be in a format optimal for super big sizing. The winning logo, upon payment will become the sole property of Dap Did It Records and not be resold for any reason.

SLOGAN: There is currently no slogan for the company so feel free to create a great slogan.

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Just a reminder the logo SHOULD NOT have a record in it.

2009-07-18 18:15:52 UTC


Day two and already some creative submissions. Thank you to the designers.

We would like to point out Heathers design as being inline with what we would like to see more of, the logo she created can be used with the Company name or without it.

Please don’t feel obligated to submit designs with music or sound equipment in it. We are open to seeing all different types of designs.

2009-07-18 20:31:54 UTC


Whats the story behind the name “Dap Did It”?

2009-07-19 05:58:00 UTC


If the music is fly (sounds great) you know Dap Did It … Dap Did It Records

Dap as in Dapper, or a very nicely dressed or nice looking person. Sophisticated.
He was looking very dapper tonight.

2009-07-19 06:48:03 UTC


Here are some logos we likes for various reasons. Either the edginess of the design or the use of negative space. In our opinion professional does not have to mean stuffy of bland. While Kyle’s logo was not what we wanted necessarily it was outside the box and we liked that it was different.












Once again, NO records. We are not really looking for guitars either.

Think music creation and publishing

2009-07-20 08:52:30 UTC


If you place a person in the logo, please make them more hip and less provential.
An example would be:
but Please Do Not Replicate the person in the logo from the link.

2009-07-20 22:18:59 UTC


What kind of music is the label leaning more towards? Is it hip-hop or rock or a Jason Mraz sound? This would help with the logo process

2009-07-21 02:36:35 UTC


Great question Plainjoe. We purposefully did not say what type of music the label produces and publishes because we did not want the designers to be one track minded with the designs. The label has published rock and rap in films, television, and album, therefore we would like to not exclude any of these types of music or platforms.

The links to the designs have this same diversity as well. All 11 links were chosen puposefullly. Please consider refering to them. The top two have a rockish edge to it, the third is the use of art within the name to create a logo and the fourth is thinking outside the box.

2009-07-21 03:04:05 UTC


Designer RAD gets the credit for helping us see that dap upside down is dap :0) Pretty cool. I’m not sure how this uniqueness can be shown in a logo but I would definitely be interested in seeing this be shown in a logo.

The logos are looking great. We have tried to give feedback when designers are on to something and even when you’re not. We are always open to questions and are engaged and actively looking daily for the new designs.

What we like about some of the designs: rocker feel with an edgy out the box approach, unique stand alone graphics and designers that look at the links and ask questions. We also like every single designer for your effort and time on our project. Thank you!

2009-07-22 09:18:53 UTC


With one week to go we would like to add some additional inspiration. We are interested in seeing what designers can do with the images at the following links:


This does not mean that the logos designed before are not being considered. This process is to explore the possibilities the same way we did with the other links and allow for the designers that have included or are considering making logos with silhouettes to have something to work with that will relate better with the person making the final decision.

In the home stretch we would like to thank the designers that have submitted entries as well as the ones that have indulged us with redesigns, Thank you!

The designs currently being considered are the following (Random Order):

The last 23 of the last 24 designs submitted have not been reviewed by the label owner and therefore are not on the list by reason of not being reviewed for inclusion or exclusion. We apologize and will update the list as soon as possible.

The above designs stood out for one reason or another and are in consideration.

2009-07-26 05:26:22 UTC


Some of the logos produced in the last 2 days have been really cool. The label owner has still been unable to review the designs to add to the list for consideration. There is however still some feedback taking place as we see the need.

Maybe along with using the photo consider redesigning the photo as you see fit to make a new creation that works just as well.

Thank you again for all your hard work designers!!! The designs have been diverse and very creative!

2009-07-28 03:57:32 UTC


Thank you for your patience with the label owner reviewing the logos. With only a few days remaining we are narrowing the top choices for consideration. Several that were front runners have fallen off, sad to disappoint.

Here are the designs we have narrowed down to for consideration:

There is still some time remaining to swoop in and snag the top spot so please continue to enter designs.

To help with focusing the designs please make sure you are creating a logo that can stand alone without the words OR the words are imbedded in the logo in away that they cannot be seperated. It is essential for branding purposes that this is the case.

Do not use the initials of the conpany, DDIR.
Do not use the exact pictures, use them as inspiration to create a new unique design if you choose to use one of them.
You CAN use the sillouetted design exactly how it is if you choose.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

2009-07-28 17:43:26 UTC


Forty-eight hours left in the competition and it is coming to a bitter sweet end.
Bitter, because we will have to choose 1 designer; sweet, because we are sure we will have a design that meets our objectives:
1. Works well for branding
2. Able to be featured with the companies name or by itself
3. Doesn’t have a record in it
4. Professional for both mainstream and underground music

Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with designing the Dap Did It Records logo. We have appreciated seeing the different ways the company can be branded and the name can be featured.

I know that 48 hours can be a long time in the world of design so please continue to ask questions and we will continue to provide feedback for new designs and some for the already posted designs if there are things we would like to see tweeked.

Thanks again!

2009-07-31 01:05:47 UTC


After some deliberation the label owner has made his selection, and Kallecasa’s design has been chosen.

We would like to say, Thank You, to everyone that provided entries and made redesigns based on our feedback, suggestions, and requests. Each design submitted was appreciated, even if we didn’t move forward in considering the design in the end.

It is always a pleasure working with such creative minds and we look forward to working with you in the future!


2009-08-04 22:27:48 UTC


Paid (#9…K696191S)

2009-08-12 02:23:02 UTC