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Brightstar Associates

Competition: #68
Client: brightstar
Open: 29 June 2007
Close: 31 July 2007


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... andrendhi


The Brief

We are a small, but growing IT/Telecoms business offering services such as Broadband, high speed internet links, data centre/server hosting, general network support etc but focused mainly at other businesses.

We are in the process of re-designing our website and have found our old logo outdated and difficult to incorporate into designs. The old logo can be seen here:


What we need is a new logo, hence coming here.

Ideally we want something cool and modern, but maintaining a professional / corporate like feel. Our company name is somewhat long winded so it is not entirely necessary to incorporate the “Associates” part of the name if focusing on Brightstar as a word/idea proves better for design, we would also no longer have the domain link in the logo. We would most likely want to expand upon the winning design to included stationary/business cards and options on our website, so something that lends itself to being used in this way would be beneficial.

Someone interested in taking it beyond just a logo to even a corporate brand of sorts would be interesting to pursue if it was right for us.

We would expect full rights and source files to any logo, and would most likely come back to the designer for our areas relating to branding.

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“This competition closed on 31 July 2007, and a winner is being chosen.” when will the winner be chosen as it is now the 8th august

2007-08-08 22:35:35 UTC


congrats andre! nice design.

2007-08-27 12:20:38 UTC


congrats, :) very good work, I did see it :)

2007-08-27 20:58:09 UTC


congrats, :) very good work

2007-08-27 20:58:12 UTC


Congrats mate

2007-08-28 15:32:57 UTC


Thx all for ur supports and comments.:)

2007-08-30 06:40:13 UTC