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Greg McCrea: Limerence Centre

Competition: #587
Client: gmccrea
Open: 29 March 2009
Close: 15 April 2009


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Unknown


The Brief

Limerence Centre for Sexual and Relationship Therapy would like a logo designed for use as our corporate identity. The logo is for our website, and stationary and business cards. The logo should utilize contemporary colours, and have a clean modern style to it. Please try and stay away from using the symbols for male and female :( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Female.svg; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Male.svg)

Our motto or tag line is: although sex is “perfectly natural”…it is not always “naturaly perfect”. This can be incorporated into the logo or not. We will leave that to the discretion of the designer.

Sex therapy is the professional and ethical treatment approach to problems of sexual function and expression. It reflects the recognition that sexuality is of legitimate concern to professionals, and that it is the right of individuals to expect assistance with their sexual difficulties.

Sex therapy, then is the focusing of specialized clinical skills on helping men and women as individuals and /or couples to deal more effectively with their sexual expression.

The professionals at Limerence Centre consistently strive for excellence in the delivery of sexual therapy. They consider themselves privileged to be entrusted with the concerns of their clients. We at Limerence Centre believe that the trust and confidence placed by the client in us is earned through our high regard for their difficulties and appreciation for their courage to confront issues of a highly personal nature. The Centre’s objective is to assist individuals in achieving their goals and expectations to the highest degree possible.

Limerence Centre provides a judgment free environment for their clients who exercise their right to lifestyle choices, values, and consensual sexual expression. Respect and compassion are central to therapy. The role of Limerence Centre’s therapists is to empower the client with knowledge and skills, enabling them to improve and sustain rewarding sexual and intimate relationships.

Our brand is professional, specialized, empathetic, caring, cutting edge, sophisticated, contemporary and forward-looking.

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I found the Wikipedia entry for Limerence very helpful, maybe others will find it helpful as well. I for one have never heard the term. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limerence

2009-04-06 15:22:55 UTC


Paid (#…RD950993N)

2009-04-22 06:17:28 UTC


Thanks for this!

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