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Competition: #501
Client: netixchange
Open: 09 December 2008
Close: 31 December 2008


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... cheketere


The Brief

A new project for us, www.MoreMats.com, will offer various mats. This is a new concept for us. The site will Feed Product to Smaller Niche Sites, but all fall under the same Retailer. So the logo colors as well as the name for the company will need to be altered by us in photoshop (a file will need to be given that allows us to change the color and name easily). The following niche sites will make up www.MoreMats.com:

  • ShopDoorMats.com
  • MoreCarpetMats.com
  • MoreChairMats.com
  • MoreCustomMats.com
  • MoreExcerciseMats.com
  • MoreFloorMats.com
  • MoreFoamMats.com
  • MoreGymMats.com
  • MoreNapMats.com
  • MoreOutdoorMats.com
  • MorePlayMats.com
  • MorePuzzleMats.com
  • MoreRubberMats.com
  • MoreTruckMats.com
  • MoreWrestlingMats.com
  • MoreYogamats.com

So the logo will have to be flexible, and fit literally any mat category. We dont have any real guidelines for color or concept at this point, and it doesnt matter any way because we are going to change the colors, but are considering blue for the main site (moremats.com).

Any questions, shoot me an email…..Good Luck and Looking forward to seeing your work!!!

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Please remember this has to be a modular design that can fit all the websites stated above. We want to build consistency and brand, while changing the name of the company (if that is possible).

2008-12-10 22:18:52 UTC


Please no fonts with rounded edges, italics, or anything else like that. The customer is an upper scale customer, and we would like to use a clean simple font.

2008-12-15 18:20:43 UTC


No rounded edge fonts… let’s use normal arial or helvetica.

2008-12-15 18:49:50 UTC


Questions………or has this comp fell to the wayside

2008-12-19 23:52:51 UTC


Nice work everyone. We may extend this competion. We are going to be mocking up some logo’s over the next couple of days. If anyone wants to submit a business card for their design, please use the contact us form to obtain our email address. Please give us 2 to 3 days to make a final decision.

Thanks to everyone who submitted.

2008-12-31 00:35:40 UTC


Paid (…J3142816)

2009-01-20 08:59:01 UTC