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Sideline Supply

Competition: #473
Client: Sideline
Open: 31 October 2008
Close: 15 November 2008


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... stylorogue


The Brief

The name of my company is Sideline Supply. My company specializes in offering both standard and custom products that people would take to a tailgate or a similar outdoor event. We carry canopies, tents, flags, heavy duty chairs and tables, grills, and other misc accessories.

The company is very big in the sports community. We target all fans of professional, semi professional collegient, club, and high school teams. We also target small to medium sized private sports organizations across the country (club soccer, lacrosse, hockey, field hockey, etc).

We are looking for a cutting edge logo with a red, white, and blue twist to it. Our target customer tends to be a more aggressive, passionate, patriotic individual or organization. We like the red, white, and blue theme because it shows our customers we are both committed to our business and our country.

Please make a file with all layers seperate. Please include a vector file. And please feel free to send us any questions you may have.

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So far I like alot of entries. I would like to stress though that I am looking for a more simple logo with sideline supply incorporated into it. The logo could be a canpoy, tent, flag, or something else associated with what the company sells. Please ask me any questions. Thanks.

2008-11-07 15:05:48 UTC


I think, if on logo there will be a tent it is possible to think is a circus company.

2008-11-08 00:05:09 UTC


we are expecting new feed back sir.. :)

2008-11-13 18:10:08 UTC


Sorry for not getting feedback out there. I have had a difficult time accessing the site the past couple days. Right now I am leaning to the more simple but strong logos. I really like the one that shows the triangle on top with the american flag twist, with sideline supply in bold letters below it Also the one next to it with the wavy design above sideline supply. As for right now, keep it simple. Think of a design I could use on a website but also put on a golf shirt to represent our company.

2008-11-14 13:30:19 UTC


By the description you are giving Sideline Sir is it this the one you like ? http://logosauce.com/logos/33563 i can make improvements to it if you like, ill be around before competition closes :) ill give you color and background variations of the same logo in the meantime.

2008-11-14 17:04:42 UTC


Revo…….here is the one I was talking about http://www.logosauce.com/logos/33477

2008-11-14 18:17:37 UTC


oh… now is clear your taste… thanks Joe, i uploaded the logo variants anyway :) it was a nice working case.

2008-11-14 18:52:38 UTC


Excellent sign.
(For military funeral agency. They give out triangular flags?)

2008-11-15 14:11:33 UTC


why people trying to copy the logo…. no creativity.. ???
see this : http://lakegastonamericamps.com/

2008-11-18 05:12:06 UTC


Only same basic shapes are used here. This is not a plagiarism.

2008-11-20 12:59:23 UTC


Paid (98G268485D996381E)

2008-12-14 20:14:03 UTC