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Phendra.com logo

Competition: #25
Client: Jonnotie
Open: 10 May 2007
Close: 31 May 2007


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Unknown


The Brief

Hey guys, since I suck at creating a logo one of you guys has to do it.


Phendra is a consulting company that focuses on helping internet startup’s with online strategy for user growth.

The website mockup: designforgoods.com/phendra-mockup.jpg

Logo inspiration: rajasandhu.com/

Comments: I like to see a logo that isn’t just some random figure but it has to mean something. It has to do something with helping startups (as you can see in the mockup).

Prize: a sweet website design + coding by me. (coding will be following the standards and work cross-browser without hacks)

To see what I can do, take a look at my website: jonnoriekwel.nl or my deviantart account.

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