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BrandFM logo

Competition: #201
Client: Digger
Open: 18 December 2007
Close: 23 January 2008


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Santy


The Brief

BrandFM™ is a brand new product from the same people who brought you Logosauce.

BrandFM is our new web app for brand owners, designers and anyone else that works with brand related artwork and images.

h2. What is BrandFM?

BrandFM is an online application where brand owners store, manage and share brand assets, files and media with customers, suppliers, partners and even the public.

Brand Owners, managers or contracted designers, agencies can signup for a free or paid account, upload their files and then invite others to download based on permissions in a simple and intuitive way. Owners can restrict access through permissions or make stuff available to the public.

Ideal for storing and distributing logos, images, product pack shots, advertising assets, marketing materials and more.

For downloading users, access and download are always free. For brand owners, choose from a basic free plan or a paid plan for more features an storage.

h2. Key Features

  • Find and download artwork and image files when you need them 24×7.
  • Tune into the brands your working with via subscriptions and automatic notifications.
  • Upload, organize and share your files securely with trusted users.
  • Easily collaborate with customers and partners.

h2. When ?

BrandFM is due to launch (BETA) end of January 2008.

h2. What do we want ?

The BrandFM logo will be used on the website and in print. Therefore the artwork provided by the winner should be vector art and our preference is for Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps.


The website currently has a dark grey (#22222) background with copy in white, shades of grey and blue. Headings are blue (#0084a9). Our preference is therfore a combination of white, grey and blue. Spot colours to be defined but should be close to the hex colours above.

Colours are not set in stone – so if you have some other suggestion we will consider. There must be a positive and reverse version. That is on a dark rey (#222) background and a version for a white background.

You can get a hint of the colour scheme in the screen capture here:


Simple. Text based with or without a supporting graphic. Web2.

h2. Meaning:

The ‘FM’ part of ‘BrandFM’ has no particular meaning.

However FM could stand for “Files and Media”. We like the catchy name and there is also a suggestion of a company "broadcasting its’ brand to the world’. However you should be careful to not create a graphic or logo that suggests this is a radio station brand.

BrandFM provides RSS feeds so that users can subscribe (tune-in) to a brand, company or tag for updates, new assets, etc

h2. BrandFM and Logosauce

It is likely that we will use BrandFM free accounts in the future as a way for Logosauce users to upload and supply competition owners with final art. This way we can track delivery of files and payout competition prizemoney in a more timely fashion.

So BrandFM is likely to have a high profile here on Logosauce. Obviously the winner will benefit from that.

Good luck. Looking forward to what you come up with and I promise to give feedback!


p.s if you want to register for our beta preview invite (we’re looking for early adopters to test/play with it) please click here

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Thanks Guys&Gals

Note: BrandFM is the brand name so be careful about deprecating the FM part of the logo. Must clearly read as “brandfm”.

I like http://logosauce.com/logos/12074 (although text in brand hard to read) and http://logosauce.com/logos/12071 (not so sure about the yellow) best so far.

2007-12-19 21:15:53 UTC


Looking for a strong textual representation of BrandFM plus a strong iconic graphic.

2007-12-21 03:59:48 UTC


Hi Guys

Thanks for all the designs so far. My faves so far are:

http://www.logosauce.com/logos/12481, 12630, 12638, 12877, 12895 and 13154.

2008-01-08 06:04:09 UTC


These are looking good : http://www.logosauce.com/logos/13812, http://www.logosauce.com/logos/13813, http://www.logosauce.com/logos/13800

Would like to see some additional colours maybe (think cyan, magenta, yellow and black) – and I like the idea of an icon (e.g. Toaster) that looks a little out of place. I think a Jukebox for example could work in place of the toaster.

The Logosauce sauce bottle has been so successful – it’d be nice to get a similar feel.

2008-01-20 22:02:10 UTC


congrats Santy

2008-01-29 02:58:00 UTC


Good choice this time! Congrats to the winner.

2008-01-29 04:31:05 UTC


Congrats Santy – nice clean design…

2008-01-29 10:50:40 UTC



2008-01-30 19:09:19 UTC