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National Speed... (US$500)

Competition: #20
Client: race4it
Open: 03 May 2007
Close: 17 May 2007


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Ollie


The Brief

We’re looking for a logo for a new company called National Speed. National Speed is a US based franchisor of automotive performance shops and retail outlets.

The logo should be clean and professional and have appeal to a wide range of customers: owners of muscle cars, hot rods, compact performance, street performance, performance trucks, race cars (road, drag, and oval track racing). The logo will need to work well on tee-shirts and caps, storefront signs, business cards, the company website and more.

It should not be overly complex, since that would be difficult and expensive to reproduce on large building signs.

The logo should also incorporate a “universal image” that can be used without the text/name (like the Nike Swoosh).

I have posted an abbreviated copy of our business plan (first 20 pages, so you can just read as much/little as you think is helpful) that should give additional information on National Speed, and I would be happy to answer any other questions you might have. You can find the plan here: www.nationalspeedinc.com/nsi/nsi6.pdf (you will need to email me first to get a password) and you can email me at george@nationalspeedinc.com.

  • You will see a logo in the plan for our TV show called Mods. Disregard it entirely. We don’t like it and we will be replacing it. It’s just a placeholder in the plan.)

If we choose one of the logos from this competition, we will pay the winner $500USD via PayPal. In return, we will expect the winner to sign an agreement giving National Speed full and exclusive ownership and rights to the logo. Please do not submit any logos unless you are willing to relinquish full exclusive ownership to National Speed for the $500USD.

I just found your site and am looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Some of the work that I’ve seen on here already is amazing. Good luck and thanks for your help.

Update: The winning logo must be made available in Vector format for final art. Therefore your designs should be vector based.

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