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The Root Beer Stand Anniversary

Competition: #1950
Client: TheRootBeerStand
Open: 12 January 2017
Close: 01 February 2017


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Rocky


The Brief

The Root Beer Stand is a seasonal (March – September) summertime 50s style carhop restaurant outside of Cincinnati. (Think vintage Americana.) We are known for our footlong chili cheese dogs, and homemade root beer on draft. This year marks our 60th Anniversary and I need a graphic/logo to use on promotional materials, menu, T-shirts, etc.

I’d like to incorporate one or more of the following in the design if possible: a hot dog, mug of root beer, our iconic building or sign. I want a vintage/retro feel specifically 50s-60s feel would probably work well. Needs to incorporate the name of the business: The Root Beer Stand and also the dates if possible (1957-2017)

Please check out our Facebook page: Facebook.com/therootbeerstand or our website: www.therootbeerstand.com for pictures and to see some of the designs I’ve done in the past.

Full disclosure, I’m a designer myself and have been doing all the design work for the business since I took over. I thought this would be a good opportunity to get some fresh eyes on the brand and shake things up!

Target Audience

Families and working class lunch crowd

Logo Requirements

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

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Hey Designers, no takers much yet. This could be a fun wee project.

See https://pinterest.com/explore/vintage-americana/ for inspiration.

2017-01-18 06:14:48 UTC


Thanks Digger

2017-01-19 00:54:40 UTC


I was thinking the reason why, Dave. Maybe designer meet designer is the issue? They might thinking about the end of result will becoming forfeited. I’m just saying, not sure if i were right.

2017-01-20 15:40:23 UTC


It is quite annoying that there are no comments or shortlist to know if we are close to what they are looking for, we invest time to present our work but this must be attended by who will have a contest of this type to be able to understand if what we did is close

2017-01-27 17:13:11 UTC


What a bull sh@t comp this is!!!

You say your a designer, yet you will have designers potentially still spend time on a logo for you without announcing you have already picked a logo from here and are now promoting it on your Facebook page.

Tell me this, how do you post a logo from below, on your Facebook page on the 18th… yet was only entered into this comp 8 days (23 Jan).


Whats the story Rocky? hows your logo the winner before you even entered the comp? comp holder your friend obv! or even you!

You should be banned from this site if you dont have a good explanation for how this happened.

2017-01-31 04:04:30 UTC


Comp holder from Ohio, Rocky from Ohio. what a joke!!!

2017-01-31 04:12:24 UTC


It is really a waste of time, someone should take action with this and cancel this competition, other designers continue to work in vain, and also a lack of professionalism, lack of ethics and a mockery

2017-01-31 15:44:28 UTC
1 bury


I agree, it should have been cancelled. I requested to have this contest cancelled after 8 days and very little interest. I encouraged a local designer I know to give it a try since I wasn’t getting anything and I liked what the came up with, but was hoping for more entries. Sorry for the lack of communication, but I wanted this ended over a week ago.

2017-01-31 19:58:14 UTC


Hi all – if the client has entered the competition themselves (possible) this is specifically disallowed. And as all designer here know cancellation is not permitted once a competition is paid for and started (we make that very clear to clients) and as explained t his client by email when he asked to cancel.

Secondly it’s not possible to select a winner until the competition closes. So in this case it seems like the client just wanted something done quicker that he was seeing and elected to get something done locally.

The rules says the competition should continue but if the client has no intention of selecting a winner here then there’s little point.

So we’ll make the call and close this competition and put everyone out of their misery. Client will forfeit his money.

2017-02-01 00:38:00 UTC


Also have to say to Designers. Despite perhaps some valid concerns over the fact the client is a “designer” himself – this was a pretty poor turnout and the designs not terribly inspiring – we’re (as a community) better than this.

2017-02-01 00:43:03 UTC


You can not expect much from someone who has not even given comments on what is presented, it is logical also to act this way, if something is not aimed at what they want no one can know

2017-02-01 05:05:23 UTC


the winner Inspiring here?

2017-02-04 14:46:05 UTC