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Competition: #1898
Client: BBQBoss
Open: 04 July 2016
Close: 22 July 2016


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Deutsch


The Brief

Pig+Wood is a food truck crew whose ambition is to compete at the national level in nationwide BBQ cook offs. We currently operate under a different name, and so this logo represents a new chapter in our history.

To be honest, we want to start completely fresh and so we are not revealing our current name at all. Our name was created from the idea that cooking pig with wood makes the best BBQ and hence our tagline is Pig+Wood=Good.

The company name is simply Pig+Wood. So what exactly do we want?

We want something fun, but not animated looking (ie. no Porky Pig ish logos). We like siloettes, or front views of the pig…a pig side profile silhouette in front of a tree canopy in silhouette. We are totally open to classic logos, modern, simple, complex, flames, …you name it. We even like the faded/wore/weathered look!

One thing we know is that if you want to make a multi color logo, please also show the one color alternative.

We will also consider a two color or even a simplified three color (think KFC white/blue/cream version of Colonel Sanders). We want to reserve photo realistic branding to the truck itself.

Once we have the main branding logo, we can work with you on the truck wrapping in a separate contract. If you have never wrapped a truck, no worries, we have a Plan B for that too.

We Googled some logos and liked the following:

(font arrangement only, not the photorealistic flames)

like this very simple logo, but probably would not convert to one color easily)

like the simplified one color flame

like the combination of silhouettes although overall logo is mediocre at best.

nice simplified logo.

Remember…we are open to ANYTHING.

Desired colors: none…up to you.

Format: Prefer a more square overall proportion versus portrait or landscape orientation.

Target Audience

Fair goers, pedestrians, judges and overall desire to be seen on the national stage. We need a national level branding. Bod fonts, creative customization of fonts, hearty/worn hard working people love us but we want just enough polish to be taken seriously and not appear to be a grassroots ensemble. We have been in business for 25 years! Our first effort will be t-shirts to be given away, but we want to wrap our brand new food truck ASAP.

Logo Requirements

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

Comments Rssfeed16x16



Good competition !!

2016-07-05 17:46:46 UTC


Thank you Estween

2016-07-05 17:57:01 UTC


BBQBoss, would you like to have BBQ under PIG+WOOD?

2016-07-06 11:42:26 UTC


I think having the word barbeque or bbq or some indication is probably a good idea. Because I did not put it in the original criteria, I will not grade based on wether or not this appears in a submission. I would be grateful to see some versions with and without it…. We are very very open to our new brand and your ideas. I want designers to know that just because I give high marks to an entry does not mean that entry is the direction another designer should pursue also. Lets see some original idea (not complaining, just want to express how excited we are to see originality). Lets see some worn looking logos..wrather. Some logos that might follow a “affliction” style or something that shows a pig and tree or pig and log. I see things in every submission so far that I like a lot.

2016-07-06 13:06:51 UTC
Mr Osoch

Mr Osoch:

Great Competition. Thanks for deep explanation of what you like and look forward to seeing.

2016-07-06 16:21:36 UTC


Can anyone produce something with the custom font like seen in Billy Bob example above?

2016-07-07 15:52:22 UTC


There are a lot of logos being produced with the pig standing in flames under the belly or flames coming from the forehead. This is not a direction we wish to pursue.

2016-07-20 06:20:30 UTC


We have a lot of nice entries but as the clock winds down, we would love to see someone make a logo that makes us the BAD ASS BOYS OF BBQ. As much as we love sweet pigs faces (they certainly are cute!), at the end of the day we do not want a “kid friendly” or soft/sweet or even a cartoonish logo. If you look at the IMAGE examples above we uploaded edgy/gritty/brash brands. We know someone can do it…. (this is not to say that the short list chosen has fallen short….we just want to see some grit too). THANK YOU.

2016-07-20 21:00:36 UTC


Evidnetally some designers think my critique of their work equates to me requesting changes to their entries. This is not true. I am providing my reaction to your work. If you want to improve your work that is solely up to you. We graciously accept your entries, as submitted. Feedback is good for designers and also for readers who may be thinking about entering their own designs. It is through feedback that designers can learn what we have in mind as well. Finally, feedback is also a place to let designers know when their entry has not complied with the description that was originally provided and thus have likely (but not necessarily) reduced their chances of being shortlisted or winning the competition. Thank you again for every entry!

2016-07-21 14:52:02 UTC


Until hidden submissions don’t back “plagiarizing” will continue (quoted cause use the same concept is annoying for who started to using it but not necessarily plagiarizing)

2016-07-21 16:31:06 UTC


I think I was clear about why I like each entry. Here are some of the things I dont like….fire under the belly, forehead on fire, cartoonish pig, soft and friendly pig (smiling or laughing) and logos with clip art. If I have varied from that, I am not aware of it. That having been said, anyone can create something unique and cause me to veto what I have said that I do not like, all knowing that the move is high risk in your time and effort. But sometimes risk brings reward. We all know that it is difficult to verbalize what we want, and each entry brings new ideas. So massaging feedback, is in my opinion necessary. I just get the feeling that some designers want their logos to be accepted as they are submitted with the idea that a future contract will be landed in order to continue the evolution of the logo schematics. That is, in my opinion, undermining the concept of crowd sourcing a solution. Sure, future contracts can be negotiated for other things like, business card design, t-shirts, vehicle wraps, aprons, etc… But the logo needs to be as close to a winner as possible. Please…and I am being serious…if I provide confusing feedback, engage me in that thread and let me know. Feel free to reference another logo and my other feedback so I can tell what confused you. I will certainly point out what I see as the differences between a logo that got short listed versus one that did not get shortlisted, perhaps with similar flaws. Thank you.

2016-07-21 16:50:26 UTC


By the way… I never said that I did not want to see the pig on fire…allow me to explain: I do not like the look of a small set of flames with the pig hooverinh above it. In one logo, the one color version made the flame tips look like the pigs nipples hanging down. In some version, the pigs eyes were focused on his forehead with the flames erupting out of the forehead….as if the pig was freaking out while his head was on fire. G-ranx submitted a logo that was good and yes it had flames under the pig but there was no mistaking the differentiation between the pig and the fire. It was very clear illustration, especially with the flames carrying into other parts of the logo. Daimon submitted a great logo that is a metamorphosis between the fire and the pigs head. Bibi entered a logo that had a pig within a large flame and it was a clear design that did a nice job of not confusing the viewer with flame and pig intertwined. I also made a lot of comments about font styles, but, as you know, font styles are crazy in that they are so easily studied and changed that no entry will be rejected JUST on font styles used. And to further address the idea that some schematic design may occur post award, font styles is (to me) clearly one of those areas where a logo can be tailored. My reference to the logo being as good as possible has more to do with (not wanting to) tweaking concept than fonts.

2016-07-21 17:02:07 UTC