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Coastal IT Solutions of NC

Competition: #1865
Client: CITS
Open: 25 February 2016
Close: 17 March 2016


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... paulo


The Brief

We provide a full range of IT services for business in NC, including IT Support, Security testing and Virtual Hosting. The design ideas we’ve come up with included artwork representing either the information security side of the business or the coastal theme in the business name. Logos that utilize the CITS abbreviation might work as well.

Target Audience

We serve clients in various industries and they typically are not very technical people, so our logo should represent the business while being easily identified by everyone.

Logo Requirements

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

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Thanks for the quick response, Craig. An IT-minded individual certainly doesn’t hurt here!

I was thinking overnight and came up with a few more bits of info that might help…

1) We are leaning toward a blue/green (lighter but not pastel) color combination in the logo, but I don’t want to limit the design entries so any color combination is welcome at this point.

2) The full company name is Coastal IT Solutions of NC, but we’d like to focus on the “Coastal IT Solutions” portion. If “of NC” appears in text, we don’t need it emphasized.

3) If anyone has an idea of how to incorporate the outline of North Carolina as part of the graphic, we think that would be an interesting approach.

4) While experimenting with the logo ourselves, we found a font called Neuropol which we like. Its definitely not a requirement to use it in the logo, but it did catch our eye and I think it would be interesting to see it included as an alternative to a more common font.

2016-02-25 13:59:50 UTC


We came across a graphic that we think might look nice. It’s a picture of a “server,” turned at an angle. We think that three servers tiled across the logo would be a good foundation.

To help visualize what we are thinking, I found a similar one: http://www.designmantic.com/logo-design/create?design=8319

2016-03-05 20:50:29 UTC


Sorry about that! Here is a better link:

Ideally, there would be three of these servers, rather than two. We do like the tiled layout however.

2016-03-07 00:09:04 UTC


We provide information security services to other businesses; consulting, auditing and testing. We also provide general IT management and maintenance as well. As far as the scope of our work, it’s equal parts security and management/maintenance at this point, but could evolve into more of a security focus. Hope this helps!

2016-03-14 12:01:48 UTC
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Sadly it’s fancy bevels, gradients, irrelevant background textures, glows and drop shadows that really seem to be selling logos on Logosauce more than any sort of iconic, lasting design.

That combined with overly detailed and intricate compositions is almost a guarantee for limited usability of a logo in smaller print, embossing or stitching for example.

A memorable logo should be simple, work in any colour and on any scale and location.

2016-03-18 08:41:59 UTC


I will add my two cents, and agree with you Christina and Pyrolit.

Not that any of the logos shortlisted are bad. Definitely not
saying that. They are creative and eye catching.

Coming from a background in the signage/print industry, I acutely aware how frustrating gradients and incredibly detailed logos can be for use in decals and vehicle applications. Also, gradients have a tendacy to be finicky over transfers to different file formats. It is important to make sure the logo you choose will work well in single color application as well as full color. Different elements of the design need to translate across a broad spectrum, otherwise they could render the logo confusing and irrelevant.

2016-03-18 15:32:46 UTC


Thank you all for your feedback! We are obviously not designers; we get caught by shiny objects too often. We are re-evaluating our options, and have shortlisted a few designs that seem to be versatile in use. Any other input would be greatly appreciated!

2016-03-18 18:17:51 UTC
2 buries


Do you sell pad Locks?

2016-03-18 19:56:57 UTC
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Do you sell locks? Home Depot?

2016-03-18 20:18:21 UTC
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@Deutsch: That seems like a bit of an odd question…

The lock is just a design element that represents (part of) the brand identity, I’m fairly certain they don’t sell lighthouses either.

2016-03-18 20:25:32 UTC


Congratulations! Paulo.

2016-03-29 16:55:47 UTC


Congrats on the win! Would have been a hard decision!

2016-03-29 17:00:46 UTC


I’d like to say thanks to everyone who submitted designs for this competition. It was a very tough decision to make; there was a lot of excellent artwork!

2016-03-30 18:54:56 UTC