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ManeLine / Mane Line Hair Care

Competition: #1863
Client: Jeffk
Open: 18 February 2016
Close: 10 March 2016


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Unknown


The Brief

Mane Line hair care is a new product brand by Skinchanted. We will be using this logo to rebrand our existing “Peek-A-Poo” natural, “nopoo” shampoo alternative. (existing terrible label and product information is available at http://skinchanted.com/products/peek-a-poo-natural-nopoo-shampoo-alternative)

This product is a 100% natural, small-batch, non-foaming shampoo alternative.

Logo will be used on product (which is now packaged in AMBER colored bottles), site product pages and landing pages.

Logo needs to be square and scale down to 2″ × 2″ for the product.

I really look forward to seeing your entries as the brand name should allow for great creativity and some cool logos. Some potential thoughts would be a lion/lioness with a modern hairstyle (though I have no idea how this would look). The logo must be gender neutral and/or attractive to both genders. Incorporating color is highly desired. I won’t limit your palette, but do remember that the labels will be on amber colored bottles and we are selling a natural product so the colors/tones should be complementary to such.

While the brand is “mane line”, it is not a requirement to incorporate a lion, horse, etc but I believe that is likely where we will see the best entries. Additionally, we are not particular to whether “mane line” is 1 word or two. If combined, I would like the L capitalized “ManeLine”.

I think that’s about it! If you have questions or need direction, just ask!

Thank you!

Target Audience

The market we need to target with this is health-conscious men & women. In general, our product sells to women age 20-30, but lately we have really been picking up a lot of sales with younger men. ESPECIALLY those with modern/hipster type hair styles, and we definitely want to push this channel. We also have a slight audience of men using this as a beard wash, so if we can bolster that channel it would be great.

The people who use are product are generally those who are having problems styling their hair the way they want, or are dealing with stripped/damaged hair and are either looking for a better alternative or have heard of “NoPoo” (not my term, it’s an industry term basically for washing your hair without traditional shampoo).

Logo Requirements

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

Comments Rssfeed16x16



Really liking the entries so far. One thing we would like to change for entries is to remove the “100%” from the Natural as the product can have minuscule amounts of synthetics depending on what the customer chooses. “Natural” should be fine.

2016-02-20 17:14:00 UTC


What’s going on here??? There should be rules and people get banned. We must know if we compete against full google or shutterstock and every available clipart… I am tired trying present original artwork files (not only me of course), good or not I don t care, and fake designers walk around untouched!!!!!

2016-03-07 15:27:26 UTC


Ergis, I think it may just be the site needing to fill the entry number, so we get a bunch of rehashed or clipart crap. It’s easy to tell who put in the effort and who didn’t.

BTW, I really like the way you put the logos on the bottles like you did. Gave me great perspective for using transparent labels.

2016-03-07 15:33:30 UTC


Dear CH check this link http://www.vectorportal.com/subcategory/161/TATTOO-TRIBAL-VECTOR-DESIGNS.eps/ifile/9104/detailtest.asp

and decide again what shortlisting. Thanks

2016-03-07 15:39:39 UTC


Unfortunately the same thing happens almost to every contest..
Btw you should double-check your last 2 shortlisted entries…
(i must say again this has nothing to do if you like or not my designs)

2016-03-07 15:49:14 UTC


Dear Jeffk, this has nothing to do with the number of entries. It s about people who have no respect and call themselves “designers” and simply try to fool you and everyone here… Of course, we will never know what crap might try selling to you and to other CHs via mail platform… Some results in other contests are really beyond… imagination…

Sorry to ruin your contest wall but that 16, 17? entry-bombing you have it brakes on my nerves… :)

2016-03-07 17:16:36 UTC


There is this one two:

2016-03-08 02:22:58 UTC


Hi all – unfortunately like most systems there are culprits that abuse the system. We can easily remove entries or ban designers but it’s not easy t line up proof of on-going abuse. Logosauce has relied on the good nature of designers generally and the community policing itself to a great extent. Sometimes this is no enough and we’re having to constantly delete user accounts for SEO Link Builders for example.

So in the case of Logo King who has won 2x competitions so far, but also you folks have an opinion that he/she uses clip art a lot – is there a shared opinion that @logoKing should be banned? Or is it just a matter of deleting entries in THIS competition or SPECIFIC entries where clipart can be proven?

BTW we definitely don’t attempt too fill up competitions to make minimum entries.I believe in most cases there are plenty of entries.

2016-03-08 03:00:34 UTC


No need to ban. He could go back anyway, with different face. Same method. Like Elsa said: “Let It Go” :D

2016-03-08 05:38:51 UTC


Exactly what Elaes says… but…

I know it is difficult to prove it for every single design of them, and of course, we have no time available searching, even if it’s pretty much obvious when one entry is a “zombie-design”.

But If they are known “designers” or using “paper dolls” constantly, as Christina says, I think yes, they should be banned. With IPs and stuff you should easily recognize them again.
Both 2x Logoking’s awards are proven copies. (Just search “AJ logo design” in google, I think it’s a musician logo or something like that – a friend, who has nothing to do with graphics, found it in a matter of seconds).

Just a small idea is a simple warning badge in their account pic (as a start) would be enough to notify all the CHs about their “creativity” (if proven of course).

> A small example with the nerve of some guys here, is the link below (even when such discussion occurred):

2016-03-08 07:45:45 UTC


Here is his two winnings:

I searched link1.

I searched link2.

2016-03-08 08:36:45 UTC



I think there should be a system where designers can vote if the logo is a direct copy. And if so the designer gets a warning and the logo gets deleted.

2016-03-08 08:43:30 UTC


Hamza hello. Too complicated. Just a simple badge would do the job… and a penalty to stay away for 5,2,3 contests for example…

If he does it again, he should be banned.

Let me help you with the 1st link :)

2016-03-08 09:02:21 UTC


Ahh. You Guys. I have that idea long time ago :) Got ton to share but never think @digger will ever realize what I’m thinking. Ahahahaha… Let just Dave filtering your opinion now and see what he comes up with. YES, logosauce definitely needs night watcher and great advicer to improve this platform.

But really I’m happy enough to know that there’s still few people who care about origins. Once again, money isn’t everything in this comp. You’d be paid if only you deserved, but don’t be hatred once they didn’t pick you.

2016-03-08 19:14:43 UTC


Ok guys time to move this discussion off this competition page (sorry JeffK) – can we move this to out Twitter account please

2016-03-08 21:01:48 UTC


No apology necessary! I actually like the conversation. It’s nice to see people hold each other accountable.

2016-03-08 22:35:39 UTC


@JeffK – would you prefer to continue here?

Otherwise the Twitter conversation is here

2016-03-09 00:49:46 UTC


Doesn’t matter to me. I was just saying it doesn’t offend or bother me.

2016-03-09 00:52:33 UTC
1 bury


See guys Putul’s latest winning: http://depositphotos.com/56019061/stock-illustration-natural-healthy-body-logo-design.html

2016-03-09 10:50:50 UTC


Hi A11 i don’t why you making me disappointing always, anyway this my is my one year old design which was already submitted at another design market place. Here:


2016-03-09 12:10:54 UTC


If Mr. Digger want i can share with him personally. I Design it on October 2014 but i contact with depositphotos to know the date of submission, they told me it was submitted at deposit photos on November 2014.

2016-03-09 12:14:01 UTC


Hi A11 please concentrate with your work, don’t misbehave with other designer.

2016-03-09 12:15:25 UTC
1 bury


Could you share their reply with us….also they must know you personally to answer you within minutes.

2016-03-09 12:17:36 UTC


Sure i think Mr. Digger will reply here.

2016-03-09 12:27:58 UTC


Already send proof to Mr. Digger. Thanks

2016-03-09 13:03:06 UTC


From a client perspective…….

I have enjoyed this conversation also, and actually was pointed to it by a designer. Since it is on-going here, and doesn’t appear that the contest holder disagrees with it, I have decided to share my thoughts on it.

Some of you know, and if you don’t you can easily go see that this is my second competition. In my first competition, I really thought I had a winning logo, and then a designer submitted one literally with hours left in the competition, that won. Many very good submissions, and while the company was different, it perhaps was an easier item to see original designs. I have received countless compliments on that logo, and people thought I came up with it. I have been quick to tell them no, and say it was logosauce. So, starting another business venture, it was an easy decision for me, where to go.

So, I started my current competition. It seemed slow as far as the submissions were going this time, and then one came in, that changed my whole thought process, and if it had not been for my previous contest and late submission winning entry, I may have closed the competition then.

Assuming that my brief may have been vague, I made some comments on a few of the entries a few days ago. I waited to do that, to do my part to preserve the originality of the designer(s), and honestly was communicating somewhat privately with the ones that I liked. So, after my comments, yes, the number of entries went up.

Knowing I wanted to trademark my logo, I began researching on my own, and have spent hours and hours looking at other company logos. I came across many clip art type logos that say “insert your tagline here”. Yes, real estate is very general, a house is a house, etc, so it is easy for clip art I guess. Not what I was/am after.

Focusing back on my favorites, I as a client, in the beginnings of a client relationship was left with the dilemma of how do I ask if the work is original, without offending, and possibly getting a working relationship off on the wrong foot. Well, I did just that, and yes, it was initially offensive, but, I feel like we have gotten past that now. As hard as that question was to ask, it is critical, when it comes to trademarking.

So, while I do wholeheartedly support the logosauce community self policing and holding people accountable, I also feel there is a certain level of input and support that the contest holders have to bear in this. After all, ultimately it is the clients decision as to the winning logo, and if they do it, without at least some level of research on their own, then, shame on them.

With that said, back to my contest, which closes in 1 day.

2016-03-09 13:43:20 UTC


“if they do it, without at least some level of research on their own, then, shame on them.”

This is a key piece. Per the terms & FAQs I really had not planned on doing indepth logo searches to ensure no IP issues. I really felt that Logosauce would have this handled through designer agreements, but obviously not.

2016-03-09 15:09:46 UTC



I agree with you on this point, and my comment wasn’t directed at you, so please don’t take it that way. I am a consultant myself, different type of services naturally, so, yes, I rely on other consultants.

At the end of the day, it is you, I and other contest holders, that are left with the ultimate decision.

I remain a fan of logosauce, and there are very high quality designers here, and face it, inexpensive for the quality. I still believe letting the freelance process work is good. I honestly had something in mind, but, have had my eyes opened through both of my contests.

Again, if you feel like I was talking to you, I wasn’t. If I offended you, I do apologize, not at all my intent.

2016-03-09 19:13:05 UTC


Nope, wasn’t offended at all.

2016-03-09 20:05:38 UTC


Logo Kings entry: http://www.logosauce.com/logos/137785

Is a copy – it can be found on Pinterest at: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/573505333772017329/

2016-03-09 20:39:54 UTC


And another copy by Logo King’s entry: http://www.logosauce.com/logos/137800

can be located here:


2016-03-09 21:01:07 UTC


Hi to all again,

I have small experience competing and exposing my skills (if any). But among other sites LS is by far the best around (in my opinion of course). Yes, I have many times a lot of suspicions on entries (mostly because of links I received from friends & family pointed to copies or plagiarism). Was very upset about my valuable wasted time, but I always have my work back in my folio so I was happy. And I kept working even when there was a time thinking to quit to prevent my calm. Always LS motivated me with an upcoming interesting contest, and somehow stack here for good. (I also recently wrongfully accuse one of my favorite designers here – and a special guy too :) So keeping my mouth shut was a priority and keep working, because that’s what I enjoy the most.
Spending almost the hole previous weekend drawing.. horses and editing one single logo (I can remember how many times re-uploading the same entry and now look my horses; gone :) was hard for me to see two shortlisted plain copies (one single user upload 20(?) copies at the same time… I am very disappointed with some other guys here (Angelos & Putul) as they were of my favorites too, and I really hope Putul provide the proofs needed.

To my fellow Greek, Angelos, who ironically thanked me “for support on him”, I have to say, that I support only original work, honesty, and I respect the others and their valuable wasted time. It was a great disappointment for me that he wasn’t playing fair. If he proves me wrong with his work I ll be the first who will support him back as I did before. For now, as I make my research too, I cannot give him anything else.

I ‘m sure that this conversation will have good results for all of us (designers and CHs), and LS will grow even bigger than it is.
We ll figure something that all of us be more protected.

(I am sorry for my English too, I know it’s hard to read)

2016-03-10 06:39:53 UTC


I’d like to thank you all for your submissions! Definitely a fun process for us, seeing what you all did, and it was tough to choose!

2016-03-14 21:01:26 UTC


Ok folks. I think we need to harden up the rules on clipart/stock art. There’s been lot of chat about this issue over a number of years.

Here’s what I am thinking.

1. No stock art to be included in the design (even if you are the original designers and have sold it or licensed it to the stock library). If you are the designer then it should be no problem to alter your design to something unique for the client.

2. You must be able (BTW this is not a change from current rules) be able to offer 100% clear title to the IP in the design. This means: if you use some piece of previous work (of your own origin) and you have used it in a commercial work, sold it, licensed or listed it a stock library somewhere – you must not use it for an competition entry.

3. Anyone PROVEN to use stock art or previously used/sold/licensed art (even if you were the original designer) will be censured. First time your account will be blocked for one month, second time 2 months, third time account closed. Any pending payments for competition wins will be forfeited. Please note hearsay and poorly researched claims of copy will not be acceptable – there will have to be actual evidence of use of stock art/clipart and it will have to be an exact copy.

4. We are also considering limiting the number of entries per designer to some arbitrary number. You would be able to withdraw entries and make new ones but only have a max number of entries per competition.

These are much harsher rules than we have now. What do you think?

2016-03-15 04:20:56 UTC



" …I really felt that Logosauce would have this handled through designer agreements, but obviously not."

We most definitely do:

From the Terms page

Copyright and Content Ownership

  • We claim no intellectual property rights over the material you provide to the Service. Your profile and materials uploaded remain yours. However, you agree to allow others to view and share your Content.
  • Logosauce does not pre-screen Content, but Logosauce has the right (but not the obligation) in their sole discretion to refuse or remove any Content that is available via the Service.
  • By uploading material to the service you warrant that you have the legal right to do so and you indemnify Logosauce against all and any claims or actions by third-parties.
  • You will include in your meta data for any material stored on the service details of the owner of any intellectual property in the content stored and include appropriate copyright notices where applicable.
  • You will not use any content found on Logosauce without the express written permission of the owner of the intellectual property in the content and will not copy, download, store or archive copies of the content without express written permission of its’ owner.
2016-03-15 04:29:49 UTC


@Christina – I’m not sure there is a way around that (copying of a withdrawal entry). Once you withdraw it – it’s off the table so to speak.

The answer would be to withdraw it and upload the same design to your portfolio (if you consider it worthy). That way you have it timestamped and you can point to it as the original.

2016-03-15 23:40:17 UTC


Mr. David,
Lovely rule i agree with that but i want to add two more i.e.

1. If contest holder want revision of a design that will be not count in maximum number of design.

2. Also please make one rule for Criticizer.

Hope you understand. Thanks

2016-03-16 03:37:12 UTC