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135 Custom Furniture

Competition: #1859
Client: Barak
Open: 07 February 2016
Close: 27 February 2016


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Unknown


The Brief

My name is Barak Wood, I’m 28 years old, and the owner of 135 Custom Furniture. (Pronounced one-thirty-five) I specialize in solid wood furniture made to order. My most frequent orders include dining room tables, headboards, coffee tables, gun cabinets with hidden compartments, customized coasters, and chalkboard signs. People send pictures or sketches of what they want and I make it happen.

I currently work out of my garage. I just starting making furniture full time. When I first started, I was a sheriff deputy and 135 was my badge number. Now I’ve decided to work for myself full time. I also served in the Marine Corps for 8 years and have a background in construction.

I’m open to different ideas and concepts but I would like the option of something that would look good branded onto my furniture.

Target Audience

I don’t have a specific target audience because of the range of my products. I’m looking for something that appeals to a large audience.

Logo Requirements

I want the files in PNG, PSD, and Vector.

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

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I’m noticing that the designers are incorporating the logo into a wood look. This cannot obviously be how it will print, and it certainly won’t look like this when printed on other things.

If I was this client, I would want to see the logo design in just black. And if it looks good, that is the true test of a great logo design.

2016-02-09 00:38:21 UTC


I do agree with you Yvette, it would help to see all the logos in black with the white background.

I like logos that incorporate woodworking, USMC, and the Sheriffs Office. I want my logo to tell the story of my business.

2016-02-09 03:10:01 UTC


I do a lot of work with old barn wood, reclaimed wood, and old doors.Hope this helps.

2016-02-09 03:19:04 UTC


It’s good to see the logo in various relevant use cases, it’s easy to print intricate details on white paper for example, but those details might not translate well to a wood branding (which I think would be a cool way to apply the logo in this case).

But as Yvette said, it definitely has to look good in its most basic form without any effects applied.

2016-02-09 11:53:10 UTC


Thanks for everyone that has entered the competition so far! I would like to see more of the reclaimed/barn wood ideas included.

2016-02-12 21:28:10 UTC


Hey guys! Competition is ending this Sunday, and I want as many opinions as possible. Please comment on your favorites!

2016-02-24 01:46:43 UTC


Thank you everyone for all the submissions. Yall have made this a tough choice, and thats Awesome!

2016-02-28 14:10:23 UTC


soo nice.

2016-03-04 05:36:29 UTC