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Data Sentry Logo

Competition: #1811
Client: Timothy Pierson
Open: 03 August 2015
Close: 18 August 2015


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... paulo


The Brief

I have had a number of logos over the years and I have never really cared for them.

I would like to find something that expresses what I do as well as conveys quality and security. You see a am a professional computer hacker. Also known as a “White Hat Hacker” one who works on the side of the law but often times must trick unsuspecting employees of clients I have been hired by to attempt to bypass their security.

I will provide a linked in address and a web site in order of you to get a better idea of what I am after and what I currently have.
www.data-sentry.com and www.linkedin.com/in/timpiersoncloudcybersecurity

By looking at the current logo I have which reminds me of a revolutionary soldier. I would like something much more upbeat and more modern.

My website will be overhauled in the coming months and I want something classy to use with it.

Target Audience

I do several things to earn a living.

  1. I speak at security conferences all over the world. and as such I teach computer security classes typically known as the certified ethical hacker or secure coding, Secure Cloud, Compliance and the like.. The notion is that you are not able to protect yourself unless you know what the assailant will attempt to do to you.
  2. Purposely break in (with signed permission) to test a companies security
  3. Provide Security products I wrote such as scanners, and other security tools.
  4. I also am one of the few individuals who specialize in Secure Cloud and Secure Application Development. As a matter of fact I am to speak at Stanford on Aug 20 regarding that.

Logo needs to appeal to my customers who hire me to audit their environment, train their people or consult on proper high dollar equipment that needs to be purchased.

Logo Requirements

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

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Timothy Pierson
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Timothy Pierson:

Please guys, I put in a lot of money to have some help. My 2 year old could do better. I was recommended to this site and thought I would get professional results

2015-08-03 08:29:45 UTC
Timothy Pierson
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Timothy Pierson:

I was commenting on the finger painting thing to the left

2015-08-03 08:56:00 UTC
Timothy Pierson

Timothy Pierson:

When I chose the name: Data Sentry about 11 years ago, I had in mind an image of a guard or check point at a gate who is protecting your data. Data are the ultimate crown jewels we are attempting to protect. The logo needs to suggest that in some way.

2015-08-04 15:02:02 UTC


ok, perfect !!

2015-08-05 18:45:21 UTC
Timothy Pierson

Timothy Pierson:

Guys you are doing a terrific job. I am looking forward to choosing a winner on the 18th.

2015-08-06 17:37:03 UTC
Timothy Pierson

Timothy Pierson:

I am so very impressed at the creativity of all you folks. It will be hard to make a decision I must admit. I am very impressed with this site.

2015-08-07 14:34:18 UTC
Timothy Pierson

Timothy Pierson:

Yes please give me a lot of choices. You guys have been so very creative thus far.


2015-08-10 01:35:40 UTC
Timothy Pierson

Timothy Pierson:

You guys just keep coming up with more and more.

I am so glad I did this! I heard of you on the Security Now Podcast and Steve Gibson did not disappoint! Where else could you get so many professional artists like yourselves trying to please just one person! This is just fantastic!! I am very impressed and will be most happy to award the $550 prize to the winner on Aug 18th. I will have my crew, my colleagues and my friends help me but I have already eyed some that I like. We will most likely vote on it as well. So we will get started soon, so there is no delay in our decision. Just when I think I have selected the one of my dreams here comes/ another! GREAT WORK guys/gals


Great work all of you!

2015-08-11 11:10:16 UTC
Timothy Pierson

Timothy Pierson:

Hi Guys just 4 days left and I have shortlisted the ones I like. I also wanted to let you know of a few things I liked and really did not.

1. I liked the idea of a lock, key etc.
2. Really liked the idea of a Shield But only saw a few on that

The concept is we are the ones protecting your data/information which is ultimately what we all are trying to do. I often describe the email because it is harder to say over the phone. people spell it data-century. I mention its like a guard at a gate.

Other things that could be aligned to this would be a check point at a military crossing, an inspection at the border, a TSA worker, a magnetometer at an airport etc.

I am in hopes that this will spur on a few more ideas as we round out the last few days of this. You folks have been brilliant and this was some of the best $$ I have ever spent. You typically get 1 artist to help you with a logo and are limited to only his/her ideas. This is terrific and I paid about what I would pay 1 person to do a logo. Great job logo sauce. I will tell all my friends about you as well.

Thank you guys and thank you Steve Gibson from Security Now and his SQRL logo for pointing me in your direction.

2015-08-14 15:41:57 UTC


ting tong

2015-08-23 16:01:25 UTC
Timothy Pierson

Timothy Pierson:

I will make my decision on Wed.


2015-08-23 19:04:46 UTC
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Last entry: "guard at gate protecting your data. Lock depicting the “D” in Data also depicting data, the round stacked looking coin shapes… I like it a lot!

Get the logo that fits your company name! Thanks for all of your feedback during the comp! and Good Luck in your Venture…

2015-08-27 01:17:56 UTC