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Cabrio Cape

Competition: #1774
Client: Wende
Open: 29 January 2015
Close: 19 February 2015


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... northstar


The Brief

We are looking for a logo for a completely new (textile) product. The name of the product is Cabrio Cape.
When you are driving a cabriolet car (and the weather is not too hot), there is a wind on your neck and even if you don`t really notice it while driving, in the evening the neck is hurting a bit or even stiff. So we have the solution, a cape that is much simple to put on (even while driving). Very often a jacket would be too warm and make you sweat. Most cabriolets have seat heating etc. but that does not prevent the wind from curling around your neck. Sometimes you feel only cold around your neck and on your shoulders, so the Cape is the perfect thing to wear than.

Here is a simple draft, of course the final design will look much better:


The product name Cabrio Cape should be included in the logo of course (maybe as the dominant factor but that is not a must) as well as some kind of graphical indication of its shape.
Regarding everything else you are totally free to make logo drafts. We are looking forward to a variety of fresh & stylish looking logos that represent our new product in the best possible way.

Target Audience

Mainly People of the Generation 50+, the typical People who drive Cabriolet cars. They are mostly design and Lifestyle oriented People which means that everything has to fit together. Some are more chic, some more sporty

Logo Requirements

Logo Requirements

As usual the logo must work with different formats, both digital (on the website) and print (on business cards). So we prefer vector based logos which have to be delivered as SVG. After we have picked and paid the logo, the logo’s author will surrender all rights on the logo to us.
I will follow the competitions and will give feedback along the way, so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions!!

Good luck and thank you for your time and effort!

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an idea would be to stress the 2 Cs of Cabrio Cape but that is just one Option of many

2015-02-02 10:25:47 UTC


thanks for the first entry. Looking Forward to a few more so that we can compare and rate them.

2015-02-02 10:27:25 UTC


I am sorry but the current entries are not yet what we are really looking for. But please keep on posting logo drafts, as soon as there is something to work with, I will let you know.

2015-02-03 08:17:54 UTC


thank you for all drafts so far. The “C” doesn`t have to be part of the logo that was just one idea. If you indicate the shape of the Cabrio Cape within the logo, please in a way that it can be recognized as a cape (see link). As we want to produce it in leather the logo has to look nice printed on leather as well.

2015-02-03 10:39:50 UTC


we like the idea with the Cabrio shaped writing of “Cabrio Cape” very much. Thats something to work with, maybe you have ideas how to get it a bit more precious/chic looking, as it has to be imprinted in leather for example. The short listed one Looks a Little bit “Comic style”.

2015-02-04 14:46:29 UTC


what colour scheme would you prefer it to be, eg: colour of cape

2015-02-04 15:37:56 UTC


I have no Color in my mind, but we should be able to stamp it on leather as well which means two colors are probably the maximum (one darker than the other so that it makes up a contrast)

2015-02-04 18:20:02 UTC


We like the idea of a Cabrio Car within the logo very much so that we want this as a part of the logo. So please from now on only Logos with a Cabriolet Car and the wording “Cabrio Cape”. We are really looking Forward to that. The best Integration of the wording and the Cabrio Car will win the contest.

2015-02-05 16:55:19 UTC


@all: We would like to go in the direction of the Logo that was shortlisted first. A Cabrio shaped writing of “Cabrio Cape”. We Need to get this idea a bit more chic looking, less Comic style. We are really looking Forward for new entries.

2015-02-09 12:15:47 UTC



the best idea so far is 130771, but the design is a bit too Comic style, we would Need the Logo with a more chic looking font and also without the blue Color (as we impress it on leather)

the best logo so far is 130866, but that one is also still not 100% what we expect but we cannot say what it is that has to be different.

2015-02-13 16:10:37 UTC


I think both approaches are valid – sometimes it can be better to give a free hand to designers while on other cases, if the customer already has a clear idea in mind, it’s more helpful to give specific directions of the result he or she wants to see.

There are advantages and disadvantages on both situations.

2015-02-13 18:04:07 UTC


thanks for your comments you are probably right.

We are launching a total new product that does not exist so far. So when you see it in a shop and look at the logo, one should be able to guess what it is for.

So a Cabrio Car within the logo is probably the best wa to make a Connection between the Piece of clothing in the shop and its function. That is probably a better way to describe what the logo should look like.

of course it doesn`t have to consist of characters in the shape of a car. Thats just what we considered the best idea so far.

2015-02-14 09:12:29 UTC


We think ist a good idea if the two words “Cabrio” and “Cape” are considered as 2 words “Cabrio Cape” and not as one word “CabioCape”.

2015-02-16 08:24:34 UTC