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Cardio Adventures

Competition: #1768
Client: AnalogX
Open: 10 January 2015
Close: 31 January 2015


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... northstar


The Brief

We produce running/hiking/biking videos that are first person perspective, meant to be watched when you’re working out on fitness equipment (treadmills, exercise bikes, etc). The videos are shot all over the world in scenic locations, so the company logo should express the idea of travel/adventure as well as physically doing something (ie; motion). The slogan for the company is “Run Your World” – ideally the logo would work both standalone, but also could be paired with either the slogan or the domain name (CardioAdventures.com). We will be using the logo both on the website and printed material, as well as overlay graphics on videos – so ideally it should be clean and still identifiable when relatively small.

Target Audience

Anyone who uses fitness equipment and would like a more immersive experience, but the core demographic is probably slanted towards people 30 to 50 years old, slightly more women than men.

Logo Requirements

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

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Hi everyone, first off, great submissions so far – I wanted to provide some general feedback on what have been submitted so far, and what in particular I like. I’ve picked a couple that I like the best (in no particular order):

130434/elaes: I like that it ties together the idea of fitness and video, although it’s a bit busier that I would like. We’re also not just running videos, but I don’t think that is necessarily a big deal in this case, just worth pointing out. I like the font and the kerning, for both the company name and tagline.

130373/pixelideas: I like the different handling of the two parts of the name, and the swoosh – but with the world in the same location it’s a bit much. The challenge is without the world, it doesn’t necessarily connect with the brand – meaning if I so the logo (barring the text), I wouldn’t necessarily know what we did.

130402/danielblackman: I like the mountains, they look nice and it has a clean feel to it. The font choice was also nice and crisp.

130406/moinjaved: I like the CA combined, it has a very clean look to it. It’s definitely more of a corporate feel and doesn’t necessarily convey anything about fitness – my first guy when seeing it is that it would be for a computer-related company.

130474/aadi: Integrating the play button is very clever, and I like the kind of abstract ‘guy’ in the logo – not sure what exactly he/it is doing, but looks interesting. The logo is nice, and I like the case switching to help separate the two parts, but don’t like the .com angled at the end – I would just remove it rather than do that.

Overall, very cool – I can’t wait to see the next iterations, and I’ll post again next week with more feedback!

2015-01-17 03:16:53 UTC


Hi AnalogX, thanks for feedback. I’ll try to improve my work. My target is to reveal company description by visual :)

2015-01-17 03:30:55 UTC


Awesome work – lots more very cool takes on things – here’s my feedback on this latest round:

130494/northstar: Love the logo – big fan of kind of optically-illusiony things, and the heart made out of the C and A, plus the little action arrow is great. Prefer the letter spacing on this version versus the other variation… Not as big a fan of the distressed edges – in general I like cleaner/smoother looking. Would love to see different background options than just the circle.

130502/deutsch: Another awesome illusion logo, with both the C and the A – the only downside is that it kind of makes the C then look like a CI – and then CIA, but I assure you we have no associations with them. ;) The play button is a nice addition to it, giving a bit of a sense of what we do, although it doesn’t feel as connected to the rest of the logo.

130526/drdesign: Very clever incorporating the twist with the road on one side and film strip on the other – definitely gives much more of a hint as to what the company does. Not as much a fan of just the heart in this instance, so it would be interesting to see other shapes used.

130525/northstar: Rather amusing that someone named ‘northstar’ would come up with a compass as a logo. ;) Like the idea of the compass, it has a bit of the explorer/adventure feel, and the heard also being part of it is nice. I wish it expressed something having to do with video, but it’s tough because it could easily become cluttered.

130603/idegraaf: The optical illusion logos just keep on flowing, love them – the use of negative space for the A is awesome. Incorporating the mountains is also a nice touch. My only concern is that in this case, I’m not sure how many people would ‘get’ it, as it took me a while really checking it out to see all the elements – but that’s also part of the charm, because there’s something more to see beyond the first glance.

130610/EstweenOnFire: Great logo, nice clean lines and I imagine it could look great in a whole slew of situations. I like on the bottom example how the tagline is just under the Adventures portion, adds some nice asymmetry. My biggest concern is that if I just saw it by itself, I wouldn’t have any idea of what the company is about – but the CA logos have the same issue in most cases, so not a dealbreaker by any stretch.

Overall some top notch submissions, and looking forward to seeing what people do next – you’re making selecting a winner hard! :)

2015-01-25 06:17:43 UTC