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Falcon Mail Logo

Competition: #1754
Client: RandyTurner
Open: 16 September 2014
Close: 07 October 2014


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Unknown


The Brief

Falcon Mail is a pre-sort house specializing in flats. In being the middle man between our clients and the post office, we cut out some of the processing the USPS would otherwise have to do, making us able to save our clients money.

Target Audience

Our target audience is anyone who uses the USPS on a regular basis.. Law firms, universities, medical practices, etc… really any business that sends out mail is on the radar.

Mail is not something people get jazzed about easily, so it would be great if our branding was engaging and fun. We are funny quirky people who really enjoy what we do. It would be great to be able to communicate visually. It would be great if there were a degree of simplicity also. The name of our company is Falcon Mail Services, so obviously it would be nice if a Falcon was somehow implemented.

Logo Requirements

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

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More than 20 different logos so far, wow! any feedback or short list Randy?

2014-09-27 06:44:37 UTC


Thanks Deutsch,I see it. Deleted.

2014-09-29 18:14:23 UTC


I am completely impressed with the range of ideas presented here. There are many that I never would have thought were the right direction for us…but when I see them here I get really excited about them. To all designers that have participated thus far…THANK YOU!

Moving several of the entries to the Short List in order to encourage the things I’m seeing which I like most and give some direction to your efforts as we near the end of the competition.

2014-09-30 20:18:20 UTC


Good to hear @RandyTurner and shortlist helps the designer a lot. Good luck.

2014-09-30 20:31:50 UTC


I think these seven are the extent of the short list for right now. Please note that commentary and questions were meant to give clarity on what I like or don’t like. In the closing days I will add anything else that feels substantive. HOWEVER, I would hate for any of these comments to be construed as negative or unappreciative of the artist’s skill and creative abilities. Trust me….I greatly respect and appreciate each of these entries. You are amazing and I wish I had a fraction of your talent. THANK YOU!

2014-09-30 21:38:07 UTC


Sr. Randy,

What you think about this one, http://www.logosauce.com/logos/129400 please let me know your thoughts about it.

sample: http://www.logosauce.com/logos/129402

2014-10-02 17:42:05 UTC


Good morning Aderezo. You do nice work on each of your entries. Thank you for taking the time to create several entries to be considered for our logo.

The entry you asked about…129400…is not one of my favorites primarily because I think it will associate me too closely with the post office. That is the type of work that I am doing, but I am not part of the postal service itself so maintaining some distinction is important for me. The other thing that worries me a bit is that although I haven’t checked it out…I have to believe the blue box and the “US Mail” on the side of it are trademarked and probably not ok for me to actually use without their consent. Because it is not high on my list of favorites, it’s not worth doing the research on my account, but I was concerned about that.

Thanks again Aderezo for your interest and effort on our behalf!

2014-10-03 10:53:36 UTC


Oh I see Randy, that’s seems fair enough Sr. no problem. Just to clarify mailbox photo is not part of the logo. Any way you have lot of good entries now sure you will end with a great one :)

2014-10-03 13:16:35 UTC


Hi RandyTurner,

Can I just ask why my entry was deshortlisted? Just so I know going forward.

I have a few more to add also which I will do shortly.


2014-10-06 12:33:36 UTC


Hi c4set. I removed a couple entries as I was working to narrow the field for a final decision. Your entry was very strong, but there are others which are more likely to be our final selection. It was not because there was a particular weakness which needed to be improved upon.

Question for you since I am new on the competition side…is there a difference for an artist to be left in the Short List for the completion of the competition? Do you receive more points or other recognition that may be lost if we delete it simply for our convenience? (That would be unfortunate!)

Thank you c4set

2014-10-06 19:34:14 UTC
WouterZ - Dutch Designs

WouterZ - Dutch Designs:

Hi Randy,

No points for a shortlist. Only the winner gets points on his or her PayPal account…
A tip: keep looking at entries until the competition is over. Designers usually squeeze in a couple of designs just at the last possible moment.

Regards Wouter

2014-10-06 19:41:48 UTC


Thanks WouterZ for your comments above.

Also, appreciated your entry today.

2014-10-06 19:58:11 UTC
WouterZ - Dutch Designs

WouterZ - Dutch Designs:

Thanks Randy, more’s on the way

2014-10-06 19:59:46 UTC


I love the creativity from you guys, and in the final hours there are still more coming in. WouterZ and others you were right about that.

Thank you all for your work on this logo.

2014-10-07 17:29:20 UTC