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md80.it - Italian Wings of the Web

Competition: #1748
Client: Kitano
Open: 19 August 2014
Close: 16 September 2014


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... EstweenOnFire


The Brief

Hello designers!
We need a new, fantastic logo for our site!

md80.it is the biggest and the most important italian civil / commercial aviation-related italian website. It’s an airplane enthusiast site. We love commercial airplanes (we don’t talk about military airplanes).
You can find Airplane Information and Aviation News.

Our users and community include airline management, frequent air travelers, aviation photographers and enthusiasts which come from every corner of the globe. We strive to be the italian center of aviation online and are continually growing the site to include better features and more content.

We offer a discussion forums, a melting pot where professionals and amateurs come together to discuss the latest happenings in the industry. Our Civil Aviation Forum is the most active aviation forum in Italy and is a valuable resource for everyone with an interest in aviation. A major event like an air accident is often thoroughly discussed in our forum before it hits the major news agencies (who frequently use our photos and forum for info).
In our forum you can talk about airplanes, about accident and incident, about technical questions and we have also an important section to help people with fear of flying: we help them to fight against this fear.

In the main page there is News and Articles Section where we mine the net and other web sites for aviation related news.

md80.it was born in 1999 as “McDonnell Douglas MD80 airplane enthusiast”, and after some years we become a complete commercial aviation site.

You can find our original logo here. I think it’s the best logo we had.

Second version (I think the best version):

Actual logo is in our site, but I don’t like it:

The headline of md80.it is “The Italian Wings of the Web”.
Website Background: Silver or White
Colors: Silver, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue.

Actual font: SerpentineSans
(but you can change if you want).

Target Audience

All airplane enthusiast, airplane fans, civil aviation fans, pilots, stewards, people who works in airports.
We plan also to do a new site redesign, so the designer who will win could help us to make the entire site.
We plan also to do t-shirt and flyers for events and airplane shows.

Logo Requirements

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

Comments Rssfeed16x16



hey just a couple of questions:

1. Do you want this new logo to be kinda similar to the one you have, mean just typographic logo or you wouldn’t mind a significant change.

2. Can you point things or aspects you would like and which ones defenitely you wouldn’t like

2014-08-19 20:38:07 UTC


Hello Aderezo,
1) I think a good typographic logo with a nice symbol or stylized image is great. I like also a raster image (like a photo of an airplane) because it give more power on the top of the internet page.

2) I don’t have something “I don’t like”. Try to give me some ideas and I will tell you if the direction is correct :)

2014-08-20 08:29:48 UTC


@Kitano – Image based logos are a really bad idea as they have limited flexibility. Your logo should be vector based (NOT raster based) – the simpler the better for wide reproduction capabilities.

2014-08-21 01:32:16 UTC


Kitano probably means a raster image running behind the logo forming the banner of the site

2014-08-21 04:25:13 UTC
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@Kitano, Any feedback or shorlist?

2014-08-28 04:14:43 UTC


Hi friends,
thanks for your work!

Some feedback… I like modern logos, and the letters MD80 are better with the same size.

@artboy nice logo, maybe too stylized (n. 1)
@ rona the plane logo is too similar to a military jet (we talk about commercial planes). (n. 2)
@craig very interesting, maybe a different font? (n. 3)
@ vera-Q this is an “old style logo”, I don’t like. The 80 is too much “ovalized”. It’s not modern. Font too, not modern.
@putul1950 I like very much, if you have more ideas I will appreciate!
@kalin very very nice and modern.

The logos in the shortlist are the ones I like…. For the next ideas please inspire to these.

2014-08-30 08:23:35 UTC
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Kitano thank you for your inspiring feedback, sure i will work to submit my new proposal. Thank you again

2014-08-30 11:42:52 UTC
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Could you please give me some feedback on this logo http://logosauce.com/logos/128899

would really like to know what is your apreciation about it, so I can continue developing my ideas

2014-08-31 07:48:44 UTC
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I’ve tried a different & simplified approach to the sign. Please let me know what you think. THX.


2014-09-04 11:19:48 UTC