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Paul Brammer

Competition: #1730
Client: Cohiba
Open: 18 June 2014
Close: 14 July 2014


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... EstweenOnFire


The Brief

I have previously had design work done for this type of business, it was never utilized as I pursued other business interests. Rather than using what I had chosen in the past I have decided to use a new set of designs.

The business is an “up market” real estate agency offering personalised service.

The name of the business is Paul Brammer & Associates (this may be varied to be Paul Brammer Real Estate Solutions or something of that nature, finalising this wording is not essential at this stage).

The brand name is “Paul Brammer”, so would envisage that would be “bold” in a suitable font, the logo can be a stylised “PB” but it could just as easily be something else, As long as it works. I do not really want to use “houses or roofs” (the concept would have to be something really special for me to use either of them).

The design has to be modern but with class, nothing too outlandish. I do not want the design to date too quickly. I do not have any preference in colours as such as long as the design is visually attractive.

Although this is a complete concept “including presentation folder” I must stress and you would appreciate that the" real estate signboard" is extremely important. (Any design or colours would have to be suitable for printing on plastic corflute or metal).

realestate.com.au is one Australian internet site that I will be using, you will see that at the top of each pictorially advertised property there is a real estate “banner” so this is another area that the design has to “work”

Target Audience

My target audience is owners and buyers of up market real estate properties.

In this target market “appearances and presentation” are extremely important.

Logo Requirements

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

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What I should have also said is that the logo could be built into the brand name, it is really up to the creativity of the designer.

I will also need to see how it will appear on a business card……colours etc.


2014-06-18 22:58:33 UTC


My sincere apologies to all that have submitted designs.
I have been away and too busy to respond, I will be in touch with you all sometime today and give you my feedback.

Thank you,


2014-06-22 22:29:34 UTC


I think Cohiba is truely right. As this is the brand using it’s owner name, the logo should be made in typography. either is customized, or to make it special. Of course, it has to be classy and match with business lines.

2014-06-25 05:28:53 UTC


I would like to apologies to all those people that have submitted designs, it’s winter (the cold and influenza season) in my part of the world and I have and I have been indisposed but I should be back in my office in the next one to two days.

Thank you

2014-06-30 00:35:50 UTC


I hope you make a swift and speedy recovery.

2014-06-30 00:56:05 UTC


@cohiba don’t forget to short-list your favourite designs.

2014-06-30 21:08:11 UTC


Thank you good people, all of your efforts are greatly appreciated.

It would appear that my updates and amendments are not updating completely…so I will chip away until fully amended.

There has been a good variation in ideas and designs, varying from the more conventional to the more abstract, fonts and colours equally so.

Regardless of what country you live in, I think you will always encounter real estate sign boards…if you think about it, most don’t rate a second look…or a first look…for that matter!!….and yet the sign not only advertises the property for sale…. 24 hours a day,7 days a week …but just as importantly … the "real estate agency!!! So if you can, I’d like some of your fantastic ideas on signs included…… Once again many, many, thanks.

2014-07-03 03:49:06 UTC
7 buries


Comment buried...

Why not have sign board with flashing lights and possibly sound effects then. Or could just use huge TV.

2014-07-03 13:25:24 UTC


talien, it is not that simple. There are very strict guidelines. What you are describing in this country is classified as a billboard.
It is not possible

2014-07-05 12:19:25 UTC


sign boards placed in front of houses are probably no different to other countries……rectangular and made out of what we call “corflute” which is basically a honeycombed plastic. The sign comes in different sizes and is either square or rectangular. The strict regulations in regard to providing lighting/power to the sign and the fact that the sign is only temporary make cost becomes an important factor….that is why there is a certain “sameness” to what is currently available.

I am not showing a preference here…….. but using the logo supplied by Juin (127665) purely as an example…. or Putul1950….there is no reason why the logo or the name could not be attached using an additional layer of corflute or polystyrene to create that almost 3d effect.
If the name and logo were at the top of the sign…. the top of the sign could be cut in such a way as to follow the contours of the name and logo.

This is just an idea…..it really is all about what looks good…this is new ground and there will be more call for it once one person starts to want it.

2014-07-05 23:25:51 UTC


by the way to all concerned I will be contacting logo sauce to extend the closing date….. due to the fact that I have been indisposed due to illness and not communicating

2014-07-05 23:27:12 UTC


Hi Cohiba , What about the Santi’s logo? This is a very similar like one which you put in the your shortlist… :)


2014-07-07 10:43:54 UTC


Is this from a previous competition?? I don’t recall that design being currently submitted unless I have missed something??
Anyway as I have explained in my initial brief, I commissioned a competition for designs that were ultimately never used.
Your point is??

2014-07-07 11:44:18 UTC


I have asked logosauce to extend the closing date to the 14th…. given that I have not been able to respond in full to all entries due to illness.

2014-07-08 00:34:42 UTC


Extended until the 14th July at request of the client.

2014-07-08 07:01:31 UTC


It’s getting close to decision time………….I have seen some good logos…………what I haven’t seen except for one or two examples….is (and I really don’t know the correct terminology)….is some additional “layering” of the background colour…..or background design to give the logo and name a “LIFT

2014-07-12 02:42:29 UTC


I’ll upload the new version the day Saturday


2014-07-12 06:05:39 UTC


Christina I appreciate what you are saying… and perhaps I have not explained myself very well….as I do not know the terminology that would better explain my thoughts….if I was to use paulos entry 127390 as an “example” this would give you some idea… what I am trying to see is an example of how the relevant design would look on a business card, A4 presentation folder etc… if you need anymore clarification please contact me again…..I’ll see if I can find some examples from my last competition…..

2014-07-12 06:38:11 UTC