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Negative Space Logo

Competition: #1726
Client: Logostock
Open: 05 June 2014
Close: 15 August 2014


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Unknown


The Brief

We’re looking for the most awesome Negative Space logo.

There is no specific brand name for this logo – you can just use the words “Negative Space” or “Brandname” in the design.

Here’s an example:

and another

There is no specific subject matter but obviously a logo that will appeal (be sellable) to as wide an audience as possible will be more likely to win. Popular categories include Photographers, Finance, Services, Restaurants, Retail, etc.

Obviously it must be your own unique design not a copy of someone else’s.

The winning logo will then be put up for sale along with other stock logos. We are guaranteeing payment to the winner. We’ll then place the logo on the market through our website and other channels and attempt to sell it as a profit. We take that risk.

If you enter and miss out on the win, we’d then encourage you to then put your entry up for Sale using Logosauce’s For Sale option. Remember to tag it with ‘Negative Space’ as one of your tags.

The logo must be vector only, no raster elements and preferably no gradient fills for maximum usability.

This is a Logosauce sponsored venture. We’re looking to boost the use of the Logo’s for Sale features of Logosauce.

Target Audience

Businesses (typically smaller businesses) looking to buy a new logo for their business or cause.

Logo Requirements

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

Comments Rssfeed16x16



Hi folks. We don’t want a logo made up of the words “Negative Space” as this will NOT be easy to sell to a brand with their own brand name – that is highly unlikely to be “Negative Space”. Think more of an icon that can be used with a number of different brandnames.

2014-06-06 00:55:00 UTC


Hi Cristina, You CAN use the words Negative Space but NOT as the only thing – i.e. as text accompanying an icon in a lock-up but if the logo is text only – it needs to be flexible enough to be changed for the eventual brand client.

2014-06-06 01:13:33 UTC


This is a very very perfectly interesting competition from you. I definitely will join and put quite a lot work here. Thank You.

2014-06-06 05:28:33 UTC


moinjaved this logo is a copy :


2014-06-18 18:33:34 UTC
WouterZ - Dutch Designs

WouterZ - Dutch Designs:

Some nice work here, but a vast majority looks like existing neg. space logos.

2014-07-12 06:47:10 UTC


So much great work. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Almost 2 months to run the contest is a long time to wait.

2014-07-17 13:42:31 UTC


Yeh – pretty disappointing turn out so far. Not a lot of designs with what I’d call “visual twists” (two images/meanings in one), which are the attraction of negative space logos.

2014-07-17 22:58:27 UTC


When will be announced winner?

2014-08-13 13:35:25 UTC


Is there any update on this project? Thanks!

2014-08-22 17:52:43 UTC


Hi Guys. Yes winner will be announced. Apologies for the delay.

2014-08-24 21:12:10 UTC


Thank you all for your efforts. This has been quite a long comp and apologies to all for the delay in selecting a winner.

We think Cristina’s “MouseInk” is an awesome logo that we could see someone buying in the future for a writing, blogging or digital artist brand. That said it was tough choosing between the shortlisted entries. Special mention to Paulo’s “Dog”, Akinoms “AutoPilot”, Santi’s “Pipe Shop” and “Fish Market”, Aadi’s “Shovel thingy” and Paulo’s “SureMail”. All the shortlisted entries were great – but we can only pick one.

For the designs that missed out we’d encourage you to upload them to your own Profile page and put them up for sale.

Once again thank you.

2014-08-29 05:06:36 UTC