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Fruit Tree Studios

Competition: #1695
Client: Fruit Tree Studios
Open: 30 January 2014
Close: 20 February 2014


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Unknown


The Brief

Fruit Tree Studios is a wedding film company (husband & wife team), that specializes in capturing the love stories of couples on one of the most important days of their lives. Our films portray the raw emotions of the day while also highlighting the uniqueness of each of our couples.

The name Fruit Tree Studios is biblically based “The fruit of the spirit is love…”. We hope that message shines through in our work. But this is not a necessary component to the logo design, I just wanted to give you some background to the name.

We are looking to update our image and would like something simple, fun, and modern. We would like to use the design (or a major element of the design) across many different platforms (website, twitter icon, facebook icon, business cards and at the end of our films).

Target Audience

Brides and grooms between their mid twenties and mid thirties, that are looking for more than just standard coverage of their wedding. They want something that truly portrays the emotions, feelings and uniqueness of their special day.

Logo Requirements

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

Comments Rssfeed16x16

Fruit Tree Studios

Fruit Tree Studios:

Great job everybody! We are really impressed to see all the different creative variations that you guys have come up with, and are excited every time we get a new alert that someone submitted a logo.

We wanted to also elaborate a little on our keywords of simple, fun and modern, so we included some styles below that we find interesting. Perhaps you can get some inspiration from them.

We like the design of these websites:


We like the design of these wedding invitations:


Thanks so much for being a part of our contest!

2014-02-04 15:50:48 UTC
Fruit Tree Studios

Fruit Tree Studios:

We understand the difficulty of simplifying something as complex as a fruit tree into an iconic logo. Thank you for working so hard for us we are enjoying all of your beautiful work.

2014-02-06 00:08:30 UTC
Fruit Tree Studios

Fruit Tree Studios:

Nice everybody! Happy almost valentines day. You are all doing a great job. Some of these are really clever.

With only a week left we would like to see more designs with less focus on hearts. The core intent of our project is that it makes an awesome icon for twitter and facebook, but is still visually interesting on a larger scale.

2014-02-13 14:48:57 UTC


Hi from Montreal:)

Would it be possible to get some general feedback across the board (with what everyone has done) I’ve been trying to stay away from hearts and creating something that targets not only your name but your industry as well in a subtle way – which, being an artist with some of the same background – is generally less hearts and flowers and more modern/raw. So, I’ve been trying to find a balance between the two, since you are after all working with weddings. All logos I’ve posted can be presented in colour form, which definitely lightens up the vibe, however I always believed its important for a logo to work in b&w no matter what. So, spending more time trying to come up with creative concepts and less on finishing touches/colour.

ANYWAYS… I don’t know if you would rather something lighter in mood because I can do that too… and don’t want to keep going in the more modern direction if what you are looking for is a bubblier/scrapbook design which can be nice too.

Some of the artist’s logos presented are really nice. Hope you are enjoying this process;) I used it once upon a time for one of my company’s logos and was beyond satisfied with the end result. I walked away with something timeless myself.

- Jessica Potenza

2014-02-17 00:07:02 UTC
Fruit Tree Studios

Fruit Tree Studios:


Thanks for asking. We would like something in a lighter mood. Something fun but still clever. We tend to gravitate to art/logos of a minimalistic nature.

We are mostly contacted by brides, but would still like the logo to be gender neutral. Is that helpful?

2014-02-17 21:25:28 UTC
Fruit Tree Studios

Fruit Tree Studios:

Please check out our short list to see what we are leaning towards everyone. Enjoy your presidents day!

2014-02-17 21:33:27 UTC