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Well Care

Competition: #1667
Client: colonial
Open: 07 November 2013
Close: 06 December 2013


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... marulo


The Brief

This competition is for a new logo design for Well Care, a statewide home health care agency located in North Carolina.

Well Care is a leading provider of comprehensive home health services to private individuals, case managers, insurance companies, health maintenance organizations, nursing homes, and hospitals. Their services help patients maintain their independence, receiving health care in their homes instead of in an institution.

Well Care LLC, consists of two operating companies; Well Care Home Care, and Well Care Home Health.

The logo will need to be able to be utilized with both companies. Also, please note that “Well Care” is comprised of two separate words and MUST ALWAYS be presented that way to avoid copyright infringement.

We’re looking for a logo design that provides a clean, crisp and classic visual image with a contemporary or progressive flair. Although we provide medical services, we want to stay away from the traditional presentation of the health care cross and we’re open to creative designs.

The Well Care Home Health’s new logo should convey warmth, caring and trust.

We ask that designers not submit excessive variations of the same design. Below is a link to our old website but please don’t feel restricted to any existing design elements or the color scheme depicted.

Here are 5 rules that we would like designers to consider.

  1. The design must be describable. (Can you describe it without seeing it?)
  2. The design must be memorable. (Is it something you associate easily with mission of this brand)
  3. The design must be scalable. (It should be recognizable on letterhead and on a billboard)
  4. The design must work in color and black and white.
  5. Limit to 2 or 3 colors (vector)

Target Audience

The target audience primarily consists of a female skew and typically 45+.

Logo Requirements

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

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Great and challenging competition!!

2013-11-07 11:40:38 UTC


Great !!!

2013-11-07 13:42:08 UTC


hey everyone…

yes a tasty one for sure!
good luck all!!!


2013-11-08 00:25:00 UTC


Creativity, and conceptualization are important. Remember that hands, hearts, hospital crosses and the caduceus have been done to death in health care design. If you choose to go in that direction, we suggest it be something new and innovative that we haven’t seen before.

2013-11-08 17:05:38 UTC


Thanks for the feedback colonial… This is the longest shortlist ever on logosauce!

2013-11-21 05:58:46 UTC
Idea Diner
4 buries

Idea Diner:

Comment buried...

brandbrite, I feel sure that you are going to read this. But I’m equally sure that whatever I may say will be received with the same level of integrity as your post. With that in mind, have a great day.

2013-11-28 22:00:01 UTC


@Idea Diner. not sure who brandnrite is supposed to be – but this comment doesn’t belong here on the competition page. hence the two buries.

2013-11-29 00:13:42 UTC
Idea Diner

Idea Diner:

Digger, The comment I referred to had been deleted after my post. I was the first “Bury” on my own post. In other words… I agree.
Respectfully, ID

2013-11-29 01:46:43 UTC


Kindly check last entries too. Thanks

2013-12-01 08:25:06 UTC


Reopened at clients request because the decision makers for the design are on holiday. New close date 6 December.

2013-12-01 21:52:07 UTC


That’s all very well but for everyone who had hidden their entries, they are all now visible…

2013-12-02 09:08:27 UTC


It’s shocking ! All hidden entries are open and still accepting new submission.

2013-12-02 13:51:09 UTC


Anyone that has ever worked with a retail client surely understands that from the client’s perspective, finding the right logo is a critical decision and often times, there are multiple decision makers involved. Delays are quite common and despite the agencies best efforts, at times the final decision making process can be lengthy. We realize this is very frustrating for some of the designers, but we try to always make sure the prize money is worth the effort. I assure you, the process is equally frustrating for us as an agency and it’s quite often an overwhelming experience for the client. We keep coming back to Logosauce because of your creativity and professionalism, however for those that find this process excessively annoying, it may be best to avoid our competitions in the future because unfortunately, this is how it goes. Please know that we utilize the short list as a sorting tool for the agency, however all of your entries are still viable. Remember that the winning design is ultimately the client’s decision, so we ask for your continued patience and extend our thanks for the designers that decided to participate.

2013-12-02 14:52:14 UTC


Thank you for the update. Any professional designer should already know and realize what you have stated above. Selection of a logo is a process just like designing a logo. If you shortcut either one you get poor results.

2013-12-02 15:28:37 UTC


I don’t have a problem with the competition re-opening at all, it was just an observation about hidden entries and a floor within Logosauce privacy settings. Designers hide their entries for good reason, and now the flood gates have been opened.

2013-12-02 16:17:02 UTC


Hi clonial
Thanks for your quick response and concern for the participating designers.$1000 is not a small amount for any designer to be paid for a logo.I do understand the value of your money.Here the question is not of the lengthy process or delay in decision making. I do understand that finding the right logo is a critical decision and delays are quite common. No matter,You may take another month to decide for the right logo and I wish that the deserving designer should win the comp.
But when we are talking of creativity and professionalism, is it fair to leak out the ideas(hidden) to other designers which have been short listed by you. Then what is the fun of keeping a design hidden.You must have heard that “an idea is worth a billion dollar” I think it’s the idea for what we (designers) are being paid here.
It would have been more professional that once the contest was closed, it should not have been re opened and in case if you were not satisfied with any of the design and wanted some more designs to come,you were welcome, you should have extended the time of the contest before making it visible to everyone.
And asking the designers “however for those that find this process excessively annoying, it may be best to avoid our competitions in the future” is again unfortunate.We (Designers & Clients) are complimentry to each other. I think I have been harsh at times while writing all this as I am not very good at English. I am extremly sorry for that. I hope this will not effect the decision making. Wish you good luck for the best design.Thank You.

2013-12-02 16:21:44 UTC


Trust me, there’s no such a professional designer would interested to copying your work, either visible, or invisible. So keep the heads up and do it for fun, not for the money :)

2013-12-02 18:36:57 UTC


I agree that hidden logos (liked and overused by some designers) are completely unnecessary. I wish we never added the feature! It’s more trouble than it’s worth.

This community is already pretty good at policing copies and almost all fellow designers will behave honourably when it really come down to it. And as we’ve seen in some recent competitions, hiding a design can actually lead to more inadvertent look-a-likes than if the designs were open.

BTW We don’t often reopen closed comps – but in this case the client is a long term repeat client….so we absolutely trust @colonial and the logosauce designers to do the right thing.

2013-12-02 20:11:19 UTC


I agree 10.000% with you Dave!
I’m firstly to support the removal of “hidden logos” feature ;)

2013-12-05 17:01:42 UTC


@eLaes was that 10% or 100% agreement? :)

2013-12-06 00:09:22 UTC


We wanted to thank all the designers for their effort on this project. All of you did a really good job and provided us with some great design work. As is the case, their can only be one winner and it was not easy to get to that point. If we had the time we would thank all of you individually but I hope this reaches each one of you. We will be providing other projects in the future and I hope everyone continues to keep their passion alive. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to bring out their best.

2013-12-13 18:20:15 UTC


Congrats ! : M@RuLo™ :
Great Design.

2013-12-13 19:35:03 UTC


Thanks colonial.

2013-12-13 19:37:34 UTC
Idea Diner

Idea Diner:

colonial, Great choice. This design will serve you well.

: M@RuLo™ :, Awesome effort! Well deserved.

2013-12-14 03:25:36 UTC


Congrats Marulo! You deserve it :)

2013-12-14 15:42:51 UTC


Thank you very much to all, happy holidays!!

2013-12-15 16:54:30 UTC