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Sweet Start

Competition: #1630
Client: From Start 2 Film
Open: 19 August 2013
Close: 09 September 2013


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... cai.tq


The Brief

Sweet Start is a Cinematic Wedding Film company. We film cinematic weddings for mid to high end weddings. Our theme is a play on words: Sweet Start – SweetHeart – A separate company of From Start To Film. We are looking for fun, sweet, candy theme, that also plays into elegance, fun, and fresh.

We are open to a clean fresh font. Romance.

Sweet Start wraps the couple’s special day in a fresh cinematic film. The first coating covers the setup and the details of the day. The second coating encompasses the soft moments shared between the bride and groom as they become bonded during their ceremony. As we move from the intimacy between the bride and groom, the final sweet sugar coated kiss blends into the celebration with friends and family.

No morsel is too small, nor cake too big. We will film your private dinner or your three day wedding weekend.

Target Audience

This needs to reach brides and grooms/couples about to get married. Think Romantic, Exciting, Movie/Cinematic quality. Red carpet events with a touch of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Our clients are the star of the show. They are on the pedestal.

It should also be classic enough for the older generation; i.e. the parents will want this film just as much as their new family.

Classic, Retro, Timeless, and Fashion Forward.

Logo Requirements

We were thinking of a heart-shaped hard candy/candy-wrapper in a tiffany blue and cream with few black details. The black could be in the writing or the design itself. We are looking for something that is a logo or an icon: an image that can be used as the icon on twitter, facebook, vimeo, postcards, business cards, rubber stamps, letterhead…etc…If you can come up something more clever, we encourage it! Don’t let the heart-shaped hard candy idea limit your imagination. That was the best we came up with.

Logosauce Standard Final Art Requirements: Vector artwork in Pantone SPOT, CMYK, RGB and BW versions. Files should be saved in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps file formats with all strokes converted to objects and fonts pathed/outlined. Other file formats may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances.

Comments Rssfeed16x16

From Start 2 Film

From Start 2 Film:

We like some of the submissions we’ve seen so far, but we thought we’d like to see another style before time runs out.

We were thinking a retro logo using our colors (cream and Tiffany blue), incorporating film and a heart to go with our play on words of sweet start/sweetheart. Think 1950’s or Fall Out 3/Bioshock style.

2013-08-25 16:53:40 UTC
From Start 2 Film

From Start 2 Film:

The 29th? You still have time!

2013-08-25 20:40:14 UTC
WouterZ - Dutch Designs

WouterZ - Dutch Designs:

I’ll try ;-)

2013-08-25 21:19:47 UTC


I can swim over the lake….

2013-08-28 06:58:52 UTC
From Start 2 Film

From Start 2 Film:

These entries are awesome. We are loving the creativity. We still would love to see more concepts that plays into the candy/film theme.

2013-09-01 14:43:00 UTC
The PxLSt

The PxLSt:

might give this a go. what is your take on characters or are you after more of an iconic logo?

2013-09-05 10:10:03 UTC
From Start 2 Film

From Start 2 Film:

Iconic logo. We are very interested in something simple, clever and long lasting.

2013-09-05 12:07:17 UTC


Yessssss! Just like my last entry! ;-)

2013-09-05 13:19:51 UTC
From Start 2 Film

From Start 2 Film:

The contest ends Monday.

Here are a few websites that have the certain aesthetic/style we’re looking for. Hopefully it will help inspire a few last minute ideas!



2013-09-07 20:27:04 UTC