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121.nu (extended)

Competition: #129
Client: lolboost
Open: 14 September 2007
Close: 20 December 2007


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... SebbDesign


The Brief

We are looking for the best logo designer in the world, to create a perfect logo for our main business – 121.nu.

We appreciate if all the logos also can include a proposal with the existing 121.nu webbdesign. That will make it easier for us to choose a winner.

The logo shall only include the text: “121.nu” with a matching symbol. (Note: we want a combination of a symbol and text – the symbol should NOT include “121” and the text should only be “121.nu”)

The symbol will play a very important role and has to therefore be related with such as: Business, Information, Search / Find, The Web, Information Technology, Development, Search Technology, Knowledge etc.

Our demands for the quality and design on this logo are very high. We would therefore appreciate if all the designers only submits logos that they really believe can be a winner.

Take your time to design the best logo ever made!

121.nu is today one of Swedens leading B2B search engines with more than 10 million impressions per month.

121.nu is the primary business of IHJ Media.

The current logo can be found at www.121.nu

Competition amount is $1000 for logo source files (vector) + rights.

Comments Rssfeed16x16



i observed that whenever a Swedish client run a competition here, designers complain about the client’ comments on submitted works. i think we have a little misunderstanding here because of the cultural differences :) From my experience in Scandinavian countries I can say that they are very! direct people. It’s not something good or bad, its just about culture. If I would run a competition and a submitted logo design didn’t satisfy me, I would say “hey! it’s nice.. but can you make some changes.” or “good start. hope to see more” as a Turkish :)
I like this so much about LogoSauce. We have a possiblity here to work in a multicultural enviroment. and we learn how to communicate with different clients from different cultures.


2007-09-25 17:37:09 UTC


I welcome the quick and direct feedback, the more critical the better, so that we may better realize what the client wants, instead of wasting our time simply guessing at what they want.

2007-09-25 18:01:54 UTC


I don’t mind getting a direct answer. I mean, if they don’t like it I would like to know so I can go in a different direction. Better to get bad critics then nothing at all so I know what they think of it. :)

And omg, $ 1,000 :)

2007-09-25 20:32:25 UTC


To be clear I’ve added the following text (on behalf of the client) to the competition details (Note: we want a combination of a symbol and text – the symbol should NOT include “121” and the text should only be “121.nu”) . Hope that makes it clearer for everyone.

2007-09-25 22:23:08 UTC


I just realized that this competition does not close till December 13? Is that not a little excessive? I understand extending it a little beyond a couple weeks time because of the generous prize amount, but 3 months just seems too much.

2007-09-27 13:33:38 UTC
Mrs. No.18

Mrs. No.18:

I understand all your requirements except this “your logo will not match the design of our site.”

- your not changing the layout with the new logo?
- do you want to keep the existing colors and layout?

2007-09-28 00:14:30 UTC


No, we will not change the design/colours of our site.

2007-09-28 20:15:48 UTC
Think! Outside the Box . . .

Think! Outside the Box . . .:

What would be helpful maybe; If the person responsible for selecting a feasible winner here, would consider taking some time to select which entries so far in the competition he/she likes best. That way, any future logo submissions, along with viewing your site: (www.121.nu) would help designers understand the standard, and type of logo direction you require, along with the points you already mentioned. :)

2007-10-08 22:48:44 UTC


At this time – 16/11 – none of the entries to this competitions have something that we are looking for.
Therefore, we want to encourage you all and show some logos that inspire us:


Please just take this as inspiration, and do not copy any logo/koncept and place it on “121.nu”.


2007-11-06 13:20:35 UTC


1. Leading symbol: http://www.logosauce.com/logos/11367

2. Another great symbol: http://www.logosauce.com/logos/11585

2007-12-11 09:19:50 UTC


@lolboost: If you do not comment (positively) on any logo, does it mean you do not like it?

2007-12-15 05:26:29 UTC


EmLiam, if we do not post any positive comment it means that the logo is not what we are looking for. Many logos and symbols has potential but not for this competition.

The leading symbol is still by Sebbdesign.
(but still not a winner, cause of the logotext)

2007-12-16 21:54:21 UTC
Mrs. No.18

Mrs. No.18:

wow I cant believe this comp is still on!

2007-12-19 13:11:38 UTC


from 2 days ago my score is 20 how it come now nine :(
something wrong in this page i am soo sad for that
:(why guys some body playing?:( any body have answer to me plzz:(

2007-12-20 21:31:39 UTC


@roufa: Do not bother about the score; it is just the maximized view count. It has no bearing on the selection or otherwise. Btw, if you have updated/edited the logo it gets reset sometimes. Also, this site is in beta, so may act funny sometimes! Cheers :)

2007-12-21 01:24:49 UTC


@lolboost: After so long, you have liked a symbol; why not pick that and work on the text later. The text should not be a obstacle I feel.

2007-12-21 02:30:13 UTC


Congratulations, Sebb!

2007-12-21 21:45:27 UTC


Congratulations !

2007-12-21 22:10:34 UTC


Congratulations, Sebb!

We want to clarify that it is only the symbol in this proposal that we are going to use.

2007-12-21 22:57:29 UTC


Congratulations Sebb!

2007-12-21 23:31:59 UTC


congratulations SebbDesign!

2007-12-21 23:55:57 UTC


Hey Sebb, you got it!


2007-12-22 00:03:52 UTC


Good on ya mate! I think we were all starting to dream about 121 at one stage or another. Merry xmas everyone.

2007-12-22 00:31:11 UTC
Mrs. No.18

Mrs. No.18:

congrats seb, I can’t believe this is finally over!

2007-12-22 08:00:02 UTC


tnx guys

2007-12-22 16:42:18 UTC


Congrats mate :)

2007-12-27 09:51:55 UTC