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Costa Mesa Community Foundation

Competition: #1229
Client: peterz
Open: 31 May 2011
Close: 15 June 2011


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... xaos


The Brief

We are a non profit charitable foundation that is providing funding and support to community activities in the city of Costa Mesa, California.

We provide funds for education grants, neighborhood improvements such as park enhancements. and general civic pride initiatives. We are looking to re-brand the Foundation with a more contemporary look and public perception. We want to preserve our tradition in the community but also put ourselves in a position to attract funding from a larger and more diverse cross section of individuals and businesses than in the past.

Costa Mesa is home to the world class performing arts center and shopping district of South Coast Plaza. In addition, many of the worlds most exciting brands in the surfing and action sports lifestyle have their roots and creative headquarters in the city.

We want a new logo to build our new image and be representative of our future position in this exciting community in Southern California. Our current web site is www.cm-fund.org

We will be making a new site once we have the new logo.

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Thank you for all the great designs. We like the ideas that incorporate the human images as it tells the story that we are a community based organization that is involved in projects that benefit individuals of all ages in Costa Mesa. Thank you very much and keep up the great work!

2011-06-06 19:55:02 UTC


Extended at request of the client until the 15th.

2011-06-12 22:36:06 UTC


Email sent to Competition Owner JV

2011-09-20 03:58:20 UTC


2nd email sent to Competition Owner JV

2011-10-02 22:08:08 UTC


Nice to see a winner finally selected.

2011-10-25 23:46:11 UTC


Paid (# 00……N0960018) JV

2011-10-31 01:11:54 UTC