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Competition: #1208
Client: Charles
Open: 03 May 2011
Close: 30 May 2011


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... mario


The Brief

Workfolio.com is developing a new web application called Trackrecord which will be spun off as a stand-alone website Trackrecord.me. Trackrecord is a free web application which captures student and professional accomplishments over an entire career.

Creative guidelines:

  1. Professional looking logo that has an ‘aspirational’ feel to it
  2. Logo should have a museum ‘archival’ quality to it (users will use service to journal their accomplishments over decades)
  3. Logo should look good next to existing Workfolio identity (Workfolio will be powered by Trackrecord in the near future)
  4. Modern design

Artwork requirements:

  1. Trackrecord shown both with and without the .me domain
  2. Include how the identity might be expressed as a smartphone application icon (iPhone preferred)

Other notes:

  1. A sporty (olympic or apparel company) design is okay but not required
  2. For colors, red, orange, green is okay as is a mono-chromatic palette
  3. The parent company Workfolio uses Helvetica plus way-finding graphics (airport symbols) in product literature (these are okay in the design).

Existing EPS artwork can be downloaded on our media kit page at: http://www.workfolio.com/workfolio/workfoliomedia/files

Overall the logo should appeal to students and professionals (the latter being the more important audience) and create attraction to the service. Additionally the logo needs to be expressed in long form as well as an an icon which will appear on smartphone apps as well as favicons (in browsers) or other web badges.

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Paid (# 3….F212974H) JV

2011-06-13 23:00:34 UTC