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Issuing-Couch "VoleHole"

Competition: #108
Client: Mr. Idle
Open: 18 August 2007
Close: 24 August 2007


Guaranteed Prizemoney

Winning entry by ... Black_wolf


The Brief

Dear logosauce designers,
Mr. Idle would like to invite you to take part in the next competition of CouchTycoon!

Please take part in the competition targeted to find the best logo for the first Issuing-Couch on CouchTycoon. The Issuing-Couch is called “VOLEHOLE” and is similar to an issuing bank in real life. It´s between the investor and the entrepreneur and is responsible for all concernings of a project on CouchTycoon. It does due diligence on projects, offers a project´s shares on the market, etc.

There will be a total of four Issuing-Couches on CouchTycoon. “CashCowPaddock”, “PiggyBankRanch”, “FatCatPlaza” and “VOLEHOLE”. Every Issuing-Couch is specialized on different sectors. The first one (VOLEHOLE) is specialized on small off-line projects.

The logo could show a mouse, a vole hole itself, a wall or a building with a vole hole… Anything that allows associations with a vole hole.

For some more background info please check:



the blog and FAQ on couchtycoon.net

Thank you for participating in the CouchTycoon competitions!

Good luck,
Mr. Idle

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I think the submissions should look more like a logo than like buttons. like 6208 and 6226, but mice shoul be friendlier and lovlier! would be nice to see revisions and new submissions in that way!

2007-08-22 22:17:37 UTC
Mr. Idle

Mr. Idle:

Congratulations Black_wolf!
Mr. Idle has chosen your entry as winner.
I´m happy with your submission, because it is the only one that meets the CouchTycoon needs!
Nevertheless I´m a little bit sad about the few entries on that comp.

2007-08-24 11:26:37 UTC


Congrats Black_wolf. I think deserve to win there. Yeah competition owner should extend this competition because the time is too short i think.I have an idea for this competition but i have no time to finish it.:)

2007-08-24 15:49:54 UTC


Well done Black_wolf. Looks great.

2007-09-06 06:00:18 UTC